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SoApboX 2018Afrin, ErdoganNotWelcome, YPJ, ZAD, #SupportRojava, #GiletsJaunes, #DeleteArt132018-2019
SoApboX 2017Activism, AntiFa, Kurdistan, Indymedia, #OpDomesticTerrorism, #OpCatalunya2017-2018
SoApboX 2016Autonomen, AntiFa, Thailand, OpOlympicHacking, #OpSingleGateway, #OpAfrica2016-2017
SoApboX 2015Operation CyberPrivacy, Operation KKK, #OpSaudi, #OpISIS, #OpParis, #OpNASADrones2015-2016
SoApboX 2014Operation Ferguson, Shooting of Tamir Rice2014-2015
SoApboX 2013Million Mask March, Operation Oklahoma, Operation Safe Winter2013-2014
SoApboX 2012Operation Megaupload, Operation Anti-Bully, Operation Israel2012-2013
SoApboX 2011Arab Spring, LulzSec, AntiSec, Occupy Wall Street, Operation Darknet2011-2012

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