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By Anonymous | March 9, 2011 - 22:56 | Posted in AnonyNews | Comments Off on Pentagon fears Anonymous attack. | Post is random.

Tuesday the Pentagon acknowledged fears of an attack by the Internet activist group Anonymous. The Pentagon is worried about what has been dubbed “Operation Bradical” – threats made in the name of the hacktivist group Anonymous against the Quantico Virgina base where suspected Wikileaks whistle-blower Private Bradley Manning is currently being held.


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By Doemela | May 21, 2011 - 20:14 | Posted in AnonyNews | 1 Comment

A history of the global cyberactivist movement, from “lulz” to revolutions. Read more…..

By Doemela | May 19, 2011 - 23:11 | Posted in AnonyNews | Comments Off on We’re talking about the work of Anonymous

In this episode: Activist for transparency or cyber-terrorist? Today we’ll we speak to members of the group Anonymous about there work across the world. w/ @BiellaColeman & @haroonmeer Al-Jazeera: #Anonymous, social media, open activism.″ Anonymous and the Arab uprisings. Anonymous’s rapid rise from the depths of geekdom to becoming a catalyst and nerve centre Read more » 

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By Doemela | May 18, 2011 - 22:33 | Posted in AnonyNews | Comments Off on Just because it’s no war doesn’t mean it it’s no problem.

A response to “There Is No Anonymous ‘Civil War'”.

Part I: War

This is a response to an article on Presstorm, posted all over Twitter and briefly on the front page of AnonOps.

    The media seems to have taken the redirection and DDoS of AnonOps as a sign that a ‘civil war’ has broken out within the ranks of Anonymous. This could not be further from the truth. Drama and personality conflicts are extremely common, and sometimes disagreements end in the kind of individual betrayal perpetrated by Ryan Cleary just last week. This incident does not appear to constitute a massive uprising or major rift within AnonOps, and it simply reveals some of the pitfalls inherent in a collective that lacks structure.


By Anonymous | May 24, 2011 - 16:26 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | 1 Comment

How The IMF-World Bank and Structural Adjustment Program(SAP)

Program(SAP) Destroyed Africa
Sunday, 19 July 2009 22:59 Herbert Jauch

NewsRescue: This should be Obama’s focus in Africa on his Ghana, second African visit  Read more » 

By Anonymous | May 24, 2011 - 00:56 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | Comments Off on FAKE GREEK CRISIS – Ψεύτικη Ελληνική κρίση – Εnglish subs Τρομοκρατία των ΜΜΕ για το πετρέλαιο του Αιγαίου – Ο λόγος του π. Σάββα Αχιλλέως πιό επίκαιρος απο ποτέ – Τα ψέμματα των κυβερνήσεων τελείωσαν… MASS MEDIA TERROR HIDES GREEK OIL

By Doemela | May 21, 2011 - 17:44 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | Comments Off on Tutorial: How To Get Around Government Censorship Of YouTube Videos

Our so-called liberty loving democratic governments are resorting to tactics of a fascist totalitarian dictatorship and censoring YouTube videos, which show nothing more than people protesting for their civil liberty. Here is the story behind the government censorship along with a tutorial on how to defeat it. Enjoy! Read more….

By Doemela | May 21, 2011 - 15:58 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | Comments Off on Anonymous heralds revolution in Spain

Anonymous has been at work again, this time flooding micro-blogging site Twitter with rumours of an Internet-inspired revolution in Spain in the wake of the ‘Arab Spring’ that has swept North Africa. Read more….

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