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Thursday,Nov 21,2019 
By Anonymous avatar | April 26, 2011 - 13:23 | Posted in AnonyNews | Comments Off on Operation Bahrain a press release.

Operation Bahrain a press release.

Anonymous are running tweets and news for Bahrain’s. We now have word that doctors and students are being attacked.
Magnanimous has launched Operation Lightning Rod in support of this and other ops.
Operation Gun Shy continues.

Dear Anonymous,

Please copy this image and flood the target pages for targeting Bahrain doctors.
Though revolutions may open a path for hegemonic states to attack Iran (Saudi royals want that anyway), the attack against funerals and doctors are inexcusable.

Murders of doctors,

You Saudi royals panic at the notion of protests. We are enabling the people to fight for the innocent as well as for justice.
We will be here until the people all over the world take up this cause. We will not be able to stop them nor would we.
Welcome to the info war. We watch your step’s. We do it better than anyone.

For doctors:
For students:

An invitation to all Humanity,

This is a message, in support of Operation Bahrain, from Operation Gun Shy and Operation Lightning Rod.
We invite the people to stand and defend those protecting human life. We will be at this al week after witch we leave it up to you.
Defending these doctors is simple. Copy this image and post it on the target pages (Or recommend this post on the targets.) until it becomes impossible to use. Follow our lead and then take the wheel.

You can do it.
We are anonymous.
You are Anonymous.

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