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Thursday,Nov 21,2019 
By Anon avatar | April 29, 2011 - 00:18 | Posted in AnonyNews | 36 Comments


To much bad news can saturate you , make you feel depressed and even physically ill.

So when AnonyOps challenged me to post nothing but good news to Twitter for a whole week , I saw the merit of the idea, and accepted right away.



While I only lasted three days, I found the exercise profound.


I would like to extend the challenge to all of you .

Do you think you are capable of posting 10 links that would be considered ‘Good News’ to your Twitter every day for a 3 days ?

If so, post your Twitter user name in the comments along with the date you plan to start.


1. Must make a minimum 10 Tweets a day of good news to your twitter for 3 days .
2. Mark your Good News with the hashtag #GoodNewsBitches
3. Profit!!!

Post your twitter user name and the date you plan to start in the comments.If you blow it and want to start over please leave a new comment with the revised start date don’t edit your previous one.

The first person to complete 3 days without posting bad news wins

ah …wins ……umm …I am not sure what you win yet besides a massive amount of respect and kudos .

I will work on the prize and am open to suggestions and donations.

I won’t set rigid restrictions as to what Good News is , except to say anything that leaves you feeling negative is probably not Good News.


Good News Bitches : Imma Kitten.


  • Kitten news is almost always good news .
  • If you see a news story that you want to share , but it wouldn’t be considered Good News , focus on solutions to the problem or someone who is doing something positive about it. Spin the bitch 😉
  • Quotes about world peace, community, and love ECT all count as good news.
  • Heroics, Green inventions, Self improvement, volunteering, Family, there are millions of things once you start thinking about it.
  • If it’s about sex it’s probably Good News!

Good Luck Bitches !

* be sure to add the hashtag #GoodNewsBitches to your posts , I will try to favorite and retweet all of them I see 🙂



I’ve decided to give as a prize to the person who tweets (re-tweets count also) the most #GoodNewsBitches (or #GoodNewsGuys) between midnight 12/10/2011 and midnight 12/17/2011 the twitter account @FaceFux. The account was an experiment I was doing to see how many Justin Bieber fans I could get to follow me. The account currently has 1,085 followers. You could keep it ‘as is’ and use it as the ultimate tool to troll Bieber fans, or change the user pic and use it as your personal account.

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36 Responses to #GoodNewsBitches

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    @JackalAnon is soooooo down

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      It’s nice that no matter what crazy shit you’re into, somewhere on the internet you have peers!

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