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By Doemela avatar | May 9, 2011 - 10:19 | Posted in AnonyNews | 6 Comments

Alternative Anonymous IRC network

Ok you still wanna IRC you anon junk now here it is or I have to say it was alway’s there! First thing to do is read up on OpDarknet yeah you faggots you are entering a darkroom but don’t fear we will be gently.
So read this and do the stuff explained in it:

  1. Press Release OPERATION DARKNET
  2. Learn more here:
  3. Download I2P here:
    Follow instructions and soon you will be connected through I2P, completely secure and encrypted. Just connect your IRC client to and you’re on board
    #anonops, #opdarknet, #opnewblood and #i2phelp are some channels you may like to visit once you are.
  4. Download a IRC client here run mirc.exe and connect to
  5. XChat is an IRC chat program for both Linux and Windows connect to
  6. IRC Clients for MacOS connect to

It will not work at first but be patient the system needs to gather resources to work if you need help contact me.

And for the more female touch read this

i2p Windows Tutorial

i2p Tutorial Mac OS X

i2p Tutorial linux

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6 Responses to Alternative Anonymous IRC network

  1. May 11, 2011 at 01:41
    aNonymous says:

    So this connects to which server exactly? the which wasnt taken by Ryan, correct? Or does it run off I2P itself somehow?

  2. avatar

    It points to irc.postman.i2p and irc.freshcoffee.i2p which are linked together and fully anonymous (both the server and its users too).
    I really think, I2P is a great tool and a great network to use: encryption and anonymity built-in.
    But when it comes to #anonops and #opDarknet on i2p I can only laugh.
    Even thou they are in I2P, the entire dev team of I2P was banned by one op, dr|z3d, as if they were trolls or hostile agents.
    You are very welcome there as long as you don’t ever disagree with dr|z3d, hence those channels are all but ego-less Anonymous channels based on equality and quality.
    There are 30-40 persons sitting in those channels, and their only activity is having a bot throw “lurker bombs” at random users or “release rapists”. The fun is that if the user does not react within 35 seconds and guesses the right rapist or bomb cable, he gets kicked.
    For some, apparently, Anonymous is just some ridiculous playing not to be taken seriously.
    Their specially-tailored channel for i2p-related help #i2phelp was forked from I2P’s official help channel #i2p-help for no apparrent reason. There is only 1 user in that channel mostly afk, whereas Anonymous have always been and will always be welcome in official #i2p-help and if they want to delve into the code or discuss network design, also in #i2p-dev.
    As purely Anonymous-related channels, the only one I can currently recommend are those where that person is not present, or not an op, like #anonymous , #anonchat , #opBritain

  3. avatar

    Does this still work? i can’t connect to the werebuild site… or…. im kind of a just a n00b

  4. avatar

    Check this outfile:///media/dude/STOREAGE/Herbert Road Project/100_1604.MP4

  5. avatar

    Landlords from hell, much video, inside girl,

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