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Talk to Stanford students about internet security, anonymity etc (hackathon #HackForEgypt)

Egyptian hackers and activists are going to be at Stanford university on Saturday. So are some of the tech guys. I’m sure that Egypt would love to hear from you all.. the free citizens of the internet,
Could you use something to show them..? Pretty please..?;)[Photo - Stanford Campus]

SKYPE: -USA – (206)279-4895 (Online) iNUM – +(883)510001348973 Call and leave us a message for #Hackforegypt Egypt!

Rough outline of topics to discuss at ‘Hack for Egypt’ tomorrow-
podcast questions – 1-5pm PST (will be recorded thru conf lines and broadcast later @ several people have committed to calling in. It should be a lot of fun. ^^
**ALSO  pls call if you can, and leave a message for the activists/world**
this is our message archive –
  • SKYPE:
  • Bahrain – +97316199342 (Blocked By Bahraini Authorities)
  • Bahrain – Ask Us for backup numbers
  • USA – (206)279-4895 (Online)
  • USA – (567)2530197 (Online)
  • iNUM – +(883)510001348973 (Online)
  • iNUM – +(883)510001348007 (Online)
Call a line and follow the instructions to reach the conference room. Will try and get egyptian activists to talk live with telecomix and #emcom affiliates
General topics
What the experience was like on the ground during the revolution
  • what worked, what didn’t work and what new tactic would you try?
  • What were key things to have on you during the protests that helped you and others?
Police and/or use of force
Current changes vs. old regime–better or worse?
Violence–how bad did it really get, what you recommend to others to stop the violence
Women–how were they treated, what was their role
Internet Tactics —  what worked, what didn’t work (i.e hacking, sharing info, FB pages)
Youth Movement–inspiration, motivation, etc
Recommendations—for other countries and/or Egypt
ideas –
<lejonet> Maybe fire up a big screen and have ircing?
<lejonet> Show people the webchat and such 🙂
<lejonet> You can start your own channel for the event if you like 🙂
/Join #hackforegypt at to irc with us at the even.
  • How can we help Egyptians achieve what they want for themselves?
  • What are the most effective modes of communication to find out what’s going on the ground in Egypt? Bloggers, news sources, etc
  • What can student groups from universities do to get involved with the ongoing situations in the Middle East?
  • How can your simple middle class family get involved? Is there a donation line? What is needed? Food, clothes?
  • How can we get in touch with Egyptians? Is facebook/twitter still the best mode of communication?
(n0pants) likes:
  • Distributed censorship-resistant mirroring –
  • Intranet liveCD using existing hardware (fuck mesh networking):


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2 Responses to Talk to Stanford students about internet security, anonymity etc (hackathon #HackForEgypt)

  1. May 14, 2011 at 00:50
    Anonymous says:

    Well I would but I can’t afford Skype, if they were to use something else other than Skype than yeah sure.

  2. May 14, 2011 at 06:54
    Anonymous says:

    The (567)2530197 number is offline. Skype is free! just call “” See you guys there!

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