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Friday,Nov 22,2019 
By Anonymous avatar | July 23, 2011 - 17:22 | Posted in /b/ | Comments Off on To my sweetest daughter

To my sweetest daughter

OpnoPro found a Swedish site where you can buy a speech when Ur daughter/son get married he injected the Database with this poem people who want to buy saw only the original speech but when they paid they got this send home 🙂

To my sweetest daughter

I have loved you all my life

You will make a wonderful wife

The only thing for which I have strife

If you are being a prostitute every night

You know I have cared along with father

There is not anything in this world for which I would bother

You sleep with the animals and the priest and your brother

The children you bear are like no other

There is nothing that will ever cause me more concern

Then the diseases which you catch that always burn

Your father always talks about different bitches

And puts his hand in his pants because it always itches

He lost 4 inches because of your attitude

You know that father did not mean to give you such latitude

Although you slept with him many times in the past

Eating you out is something that will always last

Anonymous mother

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