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By Anonymous avatar | August 14, 2011 - 12:30 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | Comments Off on Search for the truth, fuck the FBI, and Power to the People

Search for the truth, fuck the FBI, and Power to the People

Without the right to know the truth, we have no rights at all. An informed electorate is necessary for a democracy to function, therefor     more than just a right, critical observation of the Government is the citizen’s duty in a democratic society.We are being denied our right and impeded in fulfilling our duty. At its root, the system of oversight for government agencies is designed to avoid meaningful supervision. By presidential “executive orders,” there are 9 exemptions to the public’s right to request information – essentially any that involve intelligence gathering, defense, homeland security, the office of the President, or anything/anyone else that the institutions supposedly under scrutiny declare off-limits.We cannot fight back with physical force – ignoring any ethical implications using violence for a cause, it’s totally impractical. Tote the “right to bear arms” around all you like, you won’t 2nd Amendment your way into an F-16 laden aircraft carrier and some ICBMs.

As there is no way to have effective oversight of an agency using only information the agency itself  provides you, it is a civic responsibility as a matter of public inquiry to subvert government imposed restriction of access.
Hacking is the vocation of the modern patriot.
Now, to start your search you don’t need any special skills or tools. There are some handy apps for searching targeted queries, but let’s start with just using search terms and the old Google. It is better to understand what you are doing, and it will better enable you to produce good results if you do decide to use a network analyzer or “sniffer.”
Let’s say we want to see what DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is up to, working on an invisibility cape, no doubt.
One way in which the defense and intelligence community keep superficial inquiries at bay is by using a different domain or domains for more a official business, and the regular .gov or .mil for public relations. It’s a good idea to search the address on sites like dnstree that can provide maps of many of related domains and IPs. Also try robtex.
DNS map and traced IPs for
dnstree lists these related hostnames: net. does receive an answer on query, so we’ll try it. There are a variety of ways to go about the search, and you should use all of them in alternation, slowing building a query set that brings you good documents. You want to search the specific site for your key terms, as well as specify document types. Certain machines and software produce special documents (last letters at the end of a file, like file.EXT), as do emails when passing through a the host server. Of particular interest are machine generated documents created by the server which log an event, such as a failed sign-in. Servers have many different extensions, depending on the type and the brand used, examples are: xampp, dat, MIME, cpp, and others. We include these with other formats such as docx (MSWord) xls (Microsoft Excel) and odf (open document format) to retrieve a wide sampling of results:

site: (filetype:gpx OR filetype:wap OR filetype:wml OR filetype:c OR filetype:pdf OR filetype:cc OR filetype:cpp OR filetype:cxx OR filetype:h OR filetype:hpp OR filetype:odf OR filetype:dat OR filetype:doc OR filetype:MIME OR filetype:xml OR filetype:xls OR filetype:xampp OR filetype:txt OR filetype:pdf


Which gets you  

From these results you should be able to derive more search terms. Other query operators can help focus your search even further.  See google’s “Advanced Operators” or “Dangerous Google

Just browse this way. As you learn which terms are effective and in what places, you are becoming a human cracking script.

Now, the really fun stuff is this : HERE

I’ll be posting more help on searching, and I would keep  eyes peeled today for something special, just for you.

Oh, and I’m Kenneth Lipp

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