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By Doemela avatar | September 2, 2011 - 22:51 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | Comments Off on Shell, stop your business in Syria!

Shell, stop your business in Syria!

Royal Dutch Shell PLC will not stop producing oil in Syria unless it is directed to do so by the European Union, media in the Netherlands report.

The Syrian government is waging war against its citizens. Shell is a major investor in Syria. It is a key associate of the state oil company which controls the internal market.

Shell believes that companies should play an active role in supporting human rights and that it needs a “licence to operate” from society. But it has no such license now in Syria and it is doing business with an elite that commits gross and systematic human rights violations, including torture, arbitrary killing, and collective punishment.

Please, join us in calling upon Shell to publicly condemn the human rights violations and to suspend all activities in Syria until the violent repression of protest has ceased and the rule of law prevails. Help Shell to defend human rights and send this e-mail to Shell’s CEO Peter Voser.

Syrian army tanks are shelling civilians. An estimated 1400 Syrians have already paid with their lives while exercising the fundamental right to express their opinions. Many thousands have been wounded, arrested or have disappeared. Nonetheless the protests continue. The opposition says unanimously: No dialogue with tanks; the violence against civilians must cease immediately. The business community cannot pretend to be neutral and must also act. Please sign the message to Shell’s CEO Peter Voser and spread the word on Facebook and Twitter!

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