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OWS-New World Order- anonymous- Freedom

Ok, it seems to me the whole OWS movement has it’s heart in the right place.

At least they are actually attempting to DO something about the sickening corruption and control that these international banks and financial cartels wield over the whole planet. At least they are standing up and making their voice heard. Bringing mass media attention to the issue of people begining to realize the whole game is one sided and we are all being screwed and controlled by the 1% of the most powerful people on the planet.

But of course this has always been the case. Banks/money lenders and the people that control them, have always…. well since they came into dominance and I’m talking hundreds of years….. been the true rulers of our world.

A Rothschild ( Mayer B ) put it quite succinctly in a number of his quotes.

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”

“I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, …The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.”

( anyone with a interest in this shit could very quickly as an intro just check out
just don’t start getting fooled by all the conspiracy b/s … read between the lines )

So now more and more people are waking up to the fact that we are and have been merely pawns in their great game. But i digress.

OWS is a show of more people starting to wake up, in the beating heart of contemporary America and the rest of the world. So this has got to be a good thing…. right????

whether they will actually ACHIEVE anything of worth doubtful!

Riots in Greece/London/Italy/Portugal ect’…….. America next?

The whole finacial collapse was orchestrated by the main players. For more hegemony and control. Boom and bust…Boom and bust. It’s interesting to actually look into the literal meaning of the french word mortgage… it translates as ‘deathgrip’ these ppl are sometimes not so subtle.

There is of course a push for the “New World Order”… it is happening right now… it has been a goal of the ruling elites for centuaries, probably since history began. There is a belief that they are now having to speed up and force through their plans quicker than they would care to, because the surfs/slaves … you and me… are starting to wake up and question their masters. The main instrument of this awakening at the present time is of course the internet.
( So all u kids hiding under the label of anonymous and fuckin with the nets freedom better fuckin wake up quick… but again i digress!!!!!)

So hey… we have heard all this befor right? If you are at all even slightly switched on you know this shit… but i aint hearing any solutions.

The OWS and related movements are at least trying and, in some respects succeeding, to wake up more of the comatose population. It’s a rallying cry for jo public to stand behind.

When they (the banks) started this whole shindig… collapsing the economy and begining their massive push for a one world goverment ( basically them controlling the whole planets resources humans included ) they had a plan on how to go about it.( this is a little simplified for the sake of argument)

First set up 3 super states. The Americas (including Canada/Mexico Latin America)
Europe and Africa
and Eurasia including China.

Europe is the starting point, and has been gradually growing to a one goverment system starting with the first World War.

But here’s the crux ok!

For whatever reasons our rulers have had to speed the process up. So they have tried to consolidate their position within the European super state quicker than they would have cared to.. risking something going not to plan… like an UPRISING by the population.
By moving too quick in their great chess game they are risking being caught out and their overall strategy being revealed.
And you see something IS going not to plan.
The surfs are rebelling.

Iceland was chosen as the test case in the collapse of its economy and the IMF entering to force massive loans on to the imporverished country so it could ‘Bail out’ its banks. this would then be rolled out to the rest of the European countries.Then hence the IMF controlling the whole of Europe and power completely consolidated ( A somewhat slight explanation admittedly )
But it didn’t go to plan.
The Icelanders basically told the IMF to fuck off. In what is known as the ‘Pots and Pans’ revolution, mainly the women of Iceland protested outside their parliment for three days banging pots and pans until the govermant was collapsed and a new govermant formed. (Again a simplified version of events).
They stated that the people of Iceland did not run up these massive debts of the banks and that the banks can fuck off and pay their own way.

This protest actually worked…. Iceland has gone back to its own currency and running quite normanly with out the IMF owning/and controlling its resources and economic well being.
With this failure the plan quickly moved on to Ireland ( Greece was already gone ) who very kindly bowed down and took it up the arse…. thank you very much.
Next was Portugal…. and now moving on to Spain and Italy.

What is the point of this rant?

Well it goes to show we CAN do something about this if we don’t agree with it and have the resolve and strenghth to fight back.

The more ppl that wake up the more strength we have. It’s going to be some hell of a fight if it really does kick off.

The End of History? 2012? The Great Awakening?

fuck knows… personaly i have ‘Defaulted’ on all my debts…i’m just ignoring the fuckin banks and have been for the last 2/3 years,,,, after about a year they started to leave me alone… admmitadley i moved to another country and was able to set up other ways of being within the system, so i’m lucky.

All I’m saying is OWS is a fair attempt at doing something. whether u agree with wat fuckin clothes being worn or the class background of the majority of the protesters. Its a start.
if anyone could be arsed to actually read this long scribble, thanks…

Knowledge IS Power
Lets educate ourselves and each other.
Freedom on the Internet


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2 Responses to OWS-New World Order- anonymous- Freedom

  1. avatar

    your right but most people are having issues with the police i know its gonna be hard but all the people are to scared to be super serious and do something

  2. December 7, 2011 at 13:08
    richardcbrown says:

    “End Human Bankruptcy”an idea whose time has come.

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