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Cyber Guerrilla- Are we Anonymous?????

Hey kids,

wanted to share some thoughts with you.
Firstly… have you wondered why when using a well known free VPN service to try and log in to this site, it won’t let you? WordPress…. whoa… Hey I’m trying to be anonymous on a site talking about Anonymous and it won’t let me

If I install a BOT on your computer , I go to jail. Because thats “hacking” which is illeagal.

However , if I can trick you into doing it voluntarily , thats NOT illegal.

So , I trick you into installing a LOW LATENCY , LOW BANDWIDTH BOT on your computer. How ? By convincing you that you are doing it for a “good cause.”

So , once you install my clever little low latency , low bandwidth BOT on you system and encourage you to launch an attack , I am then free to use that BOT and the BOTNET its connected to , to do whatever I like.

The dumbfux who have my BOT installed will never notice what it is really doing in the backround , because hey , its low latency , low bandwidth.

They authorities will never know what my BOTNET is really doing in the BACKROUND because all that traffic is hidden behind what the BOT is doing in the FOREGROUND.

And so , the BOTS and the BOTNET are dual purpose. On the suface they appear to be doing one thing. But in the backround , hidden from view they are doing something far more sinister.

The BOTNET is called Anonymous.

makes you wonder huh?

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One Response to Cyber Guerrilla- Are we Anonymous?????

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    No.1 You are the first one that reports that to me. This site is behind cloudflare so maybe your Free VPN IP is seen as not save, free VPN is not anonymous. This site software does not records Ip’s all ip’s are from cloudflare. Only software that is installed is to check for spam and people that want to hack the site.

    No.2 If you trick someone to install software on there pc it is illegal. Same goes for sniffers and other traps out there on the WWW People click on links voluntary but that does not make it legal for the maker or master-user of those traps they still get illegal access to PC’s that is not there’s

nonymous. Whoever you are, we are ungovernable!
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