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By Blogman69 avatar | November 30, 2011 - 20:42 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | Comments Off on One small step in the right direction.

One small step in the right direction.

How have we gotten ourselves into this situation?  During World War 2 we had a great love for this country and had the desire if need be to die for it. Many did.  In the “50s” we had a desire to succeed. We worked 9 to 5 to provide for the family, in hazardous situations at times, family values, American drive. The “60s” was a blur for some folks but still we advanced.  With the turns of the decades since we have become complacent, lazy if you will.

We see those that we have entrusted to care for our cities and states, our country, to lie, cheat and steal.  That’s just to get on the ballot, to get their message out there to those of us who are tired of the “Same old, Same old thing.” Then it’s the “Same old, Same old thing” again.

Miami-Dade residents voted to help Mayor Carlos Alvarez out.  As in out of office. While most of us struggle to make ends meet we had a public official blatantly, openly abuse the system for his own benefit and we let him legally do it. Why? We have become lazy. As long as we have our neatly trimmed hedges and nice green lawns we don’t really care. Seriously, think about it.

Look around at the corruption with your own local government.  Look at who really “owns” your town. Look at the top three names in your town that everyone identifies with as the leaders. When was the last time something was decided or proclaimed by these few for the betterment of the community. Were you asked your opinion? I doubt it.

In one of the most laid back places in the United States things are starting to change. Some people woke up in Florida and decided to make their own change.  In doing so they admitted they made a mistake but they took the initiative to correct it. I think we as a nation need to follow suit.

If those that we elect don’t do the job they promised, vote them out. Implement a recall or demand they step down.  If they don’t then get off your lazy butts and make your voice heard!

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