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By Anonymous avatar | December 2, 2011 - 15:00 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | Comments Off on Herro! These are useful links to help you continue in your #Hacking / #Programming adventure!

Herro! These are useful links to help you continue in your #Hacking / #Programming adventure!

Something useful for every skill level.

                                                     Hack to learn, not learn to hack.



Ebooks Sites:




Information Gathering:

Search Engines: (Not Recommended)



Private Search Engines: (Recommended)



Profile Information Websites:



Governments/business Web sites:



Background Checks And Other personal information:






Hacking Websites:







General English:


General French:



General Python:



General C:



General: C++:



General Javascript:



General VBScript:



General Assembly:



General Html/CSS:






General Java:



General PHP:



Online Tools/Etc…:


SMS Sender:


Fake Mailer:


Javascript Debugger/Tester:


Online Admin Page Finder:


Online MD5 Hash Cracker:


Anonymous/Disposable emails :


Virus Online scanner:



IRC Chat Networks (For online help)


FreeNode ( SSL: 6697) – You’ll find anything here

AnonOps ( SSL: 6697) – MOAR DESU



Special Thanks To :

dotfighter provided links

toki provided mega links

kallista provided links + turned the giganto-pastie into a shitty eyesore of an article.

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