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By Anonymous avatar | December 19, 2011 - 01:50 | Posted in AnonyNews | Comments Off on Anonymous Update and Message on OpBlackOut

Anonymous Update and Message on OpBlackOut

Greetings, Citizens of the World,

The internet is in danger of an oppressive new law that will allow the Federal Government of the United States to shut down, arrest, fine and prosecute any website and it’s operator(s) at the behest of corporations who can and do stand to profit from weaponized censorship.  The goal of the so-called ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ SOPA is to empower litigious U.S. corporations to police the internet, with the ability to act as judge, jury and executioner.  SOPA tramples civil rights laws, fair use, freedom of press and freedom of speech.  Under SOPA an average person could be arrested, fined, sued and spend time in a federal prison for so little as uploading a video to YouTube or even linking to one.  This law further proves the reality of corporate rule and totalitarianism.

Recently the vote on SOPA was delayed until early 2012 due to dissenting influence and the backlash of the  immense number of core internet services that this bill targets.  In a democracy this should be enough to defeat the bill, however, in the U.S. it only means that the vote will get delayed until the media loses interest and the backing corporate lobbyists have enough time to “influence” [read: bribe] the vote to their favour.  However, it has been clandestinely moved forward in an attempt to fast track the law under the radar of a culture drunk on materialistic obsession — as such The House Judiciary Committee is reconvening on the 21st of December.  In short, we were lied to.

While it was the intent to give people little time to react, our reaction will not be little.  This oligarchy rules without democracy, consent or support; it fears us, it fears protesters, it fears the solidarity of the Occupy Movement, it fears the 99%, it fears YOU.  The Federal Government currently perches on the narrow brink of collapse, lets give it a nice hard push.  We simply do not need or want the future they’re trying to sell us.  No government can exist that we, the people, refuse to support.  It’s time to revoke that consent.  It’s time to spread the message of dissent everywhere.  Show those who have, and continue to, grant themselves nearly unlimited power how great the force is that rises up en masse to oppose their tyranny.

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We are everyone.
We are everywhere.
We are you.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.

This is our world, and we’re taking it back.

Expect us.



Anons, Dissidents, Hacktivists, Activists, Subversives, Occupiers, Culture Jammers and the 99%:  We all have a reason and the power to fight this.        Starting Dec. 19th, lets replace the face of the internet with a clear message about how we feel about censorship.
OpBlackOut front page kit:

Replace the front page of every website we can with a simple, clear protest page.  Encourage friends, businesses, organizations, social media to take a stand along side us in the same way.  Use/distribute the OpBlackOut material we’ve provided for this purpose, or make your own (but please try to be concise and indict SOPA specifically so the message is clear, unanimous and omnipresent).  Get this image and message everywhere online.  Plant the seeds of dissent where ever they can grow.


Bring OpBlackOut in to physical space; let us reach out to the malcontent, disenfranchised wage slaves of America.  Inform them.  Unite them.  Show them that they are not alone in their contempt and absolute distrust of the U.S. Government.  Show them how many people just like them feel the same way.  Take over signs and billboards, tag, stencil, chalk, sticker, flier, protest, etc. — fill public space with our message, image and presence.  Coordinate information with Occupiers. Publicly post.  Get people talking.  Put the truth not only where it can be seen, but where it cannot be avoided.  This is something everyone can do.  We are legion, this is our voice, people are listening, we will be heard.

Join us on IRC (or 6697 for SSL)

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