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By Blogman69 avatar | December 20, 2011 - 07:42 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | Comments Off on I found this…

I found this…

On a questionable forum but I had to share it here.  It’s a fair question, one that need to be addressed.

Everyday I see and read how America is tearing itself apart, and everyday I see how little it’s own citizens do to save it. Truly disheartening, truly, but with the imminent passing of the NDAA, which could turn the once proud America into a military state, perhaps now is the time to stage a revolt, an upheaval of classes that the world has never seen before. The system of presidents and so-called Democracy has begun to fail to corruption and paranoia and greed.

Americans, if now you will not stand against the upcoming tyranny of your government, when will be the ‘right time’? When you are all in chains and behind bars?

As for the other nations of the world, Think of it as a building block, America, since the time of its un-textbook ‘revolution’ has been a country of contradictions. But it has also given the rest of the world hope, allowing for similar rebellions in other countries. Perhaps now, on the eve of 2012, shall we all begin anew, a recreation of the earth as it should be.

Communism is a sham, a farce of an ideal, but too much capitalism and we die a slow death, what is better? Would you allow this? To stand idly by while your leaders plot to imprison you and force their military strong-arm tactics into your lives and reduce your freedoms to dust?

I ask you this, not as a fellow American, but as a human being.

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