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Words of Anonymous.

Gentlemen. We face a threat the likes of which we’ve never seen. We have only one hope. We must undo decades of divide between the right and the left, using SOPA and NDAA as a rallying cry. The conservatives are livid, as are the liberals. We will manage this by going to every conservative and liberal board we can and forming a new movement combining the best of OWS and the tea party. This will function within the confines of the law with behavioral guidelines. No drum circles, drugs or deliberately fucking with the cops. That accomplished nothing. Let them face a united America with the left and right standing side by side. We won’t find common ground on every issue, but we have enough in common, thanks to these egregious actions by the federal government, to work from. We will steer away from controversial issues such as gay marriage abortion etc and focus strictly on the constitutionality of our current system. The objective being to remove any and all corporate influence in government. Massive campaign finance reform to where each candidate must run on their beliefs rather than those of their paymasters. The right and the left WILL go for this if approached correctly. We will accept no donations aside from those given anonymously. We will support no candidates except those who have not taken money. We will vote for the best person for the job regardless of their political affiliation and force people to think about their beliefs through breaking the indoctrination the media has put us all through. The end objective being to retake Washington and hold a new constitutional convention.

This is our only hope of halting the push to fascism this nation is taking. We must form a unified movement.

A framework is in place, steps are being taken. But we need more anons to help. We’re recruiting now. To help build a brighter future. Because no one else will.

Firstly we need to rally the chans. That’s been done with marginal success. As I said though, we need more people. Secondly, a video will be released tomorrow. We need to use that time to begin discussions on far left and right message boards. To illustrate the point that they agree on these issues. We need to get them to call and write in about SOPA. The vote is on wensday. We can’t let the death of kim jong il be the distraction they need to pass it. We need to keep people focused on the fact of this threat to the internet. Because if we’re unable to, 4chan, google, youtube, piratebay, demonoid, and the silk road are all gone. And a thousand sites like them. This is important. This is vital. Because if we fail here, if SOPA becomes law, any hope of resistance to the NDAA is lost.

Consider anons, all that the internet has done for you. The ideas you’ve spread. The things you’ve learned. The wonders you’ve seen. All of these things will be lost forever unless we act now. I urge you. Stand with us against the darkness. Against those who would destroy the internet at the behest of their hollywood paymasters. Against those few thousand ruling the lives of billions. We can do this. We are capable. But only if we stand together. Violence seems to be the obvious solution, but that’s what they’re prepared for. However the last thing they expect is a united front formed from the left and the right facing down the government as citizens of the united states.

This impacts anons globally. The thing is we CAN beat them. Both of them. We have a plan. And the more people we get on board the easier it will be to implement. This plan is legal and no one will have to die. And sadly I’m convinced that short of ignoring it and letting our world turn into hitler’s sloppy wet dream, this is our only chance to beat these bills without bloodshed. Where is your anger anon? Where is the rage? They vote on this in less than 48 hours! What are you doing to stop it?

Consider for a moment the stage they’ve laid out for us. On one side you have mr smith, being marionetted by the hollywood elite. Our good friends at the RIAA and MPAA. Ready to nuke the internet into glass over these fictional billions they’ve been crying about since the invention of the mp3.

And on the other side we have our hero, our new queen. Does she fight for justice? Does she fight because she believes in the cause? NO. She fights because her strings are being pulled by the tech industry and silicone valley.

None of these people give a flying fuck about the internet. None of them understand it and none of them care to. They’re dinosaurs being trotted out for this little theater, all the better to distract us from the real battle going on. Hollywood vs the Valley. No holds barred. And at stake is OUR freedom. OUR liberty. And they don’t give a good god damn about us or any ideals we hold dear. They care only for their reelection. And those that fought valiantly for our freedom will continue to do so… as long as the price is right.

Why do we have a government like this? Why do we allow it? Because we can’t be bothered to defend it? To actualy stand up and say, “Excuse me, Mr. Smith. Fuck you and the hollywood horse you rode in on.”

The time for that is passed. No longer can we afford to sit idle and let this atrocity happen. We ARE capable of stopping them. We CAN change it. If we sack up together, strap on our combat boots and let them know that this will not stand. Then and only then can we say that we are truly free.

For if we don’t. If we let this happen. No one will be there to save us. No one will stop the march to dictatorship this country is inexorably on the track of. Evil only triumphs when good men do nothing.

I say to you anon, now is the time to stand together and fight for what we believe in. The best way we know how. We and only we are capable of forcing a meme. And if that meme is liberty, we stand a real chance at undoing this monstrosity of a government’s actions against its own people.

If we do nothing, in the end all we will be left with, the ONLY thing they will leave us with, is regret.

To those of you willing to take that stand. To draw that line in the sand I say to you now. Resistance is being built. Anons are standing together.

To those of you wanting to help. Go here.

Our aim is again to unite the parties in this nation under one banner. Much has yet to be decided and we are still in our infancy. This is a battle that will not be won by the time of the vote. Even should SOPA be defeated our work is not and will not be done until we’ve stripped this government of the plague of corruption now afflicting it. But for the moment, spread this message. We need to build an army. And then using words far more powerful than guns and bullets we need to unite this country and this planet under one banner of liberty and justice for all.

We will do this legally. We will do this carefully. We will do this with rigid standards of conduct. No masks aside from those we wear in our daily lives. Do not expect to win this in a day, a week or even a month. We need to be in this for the duration. But if you believe in the cause of liberty we CAN accomplish this goal and make these united states a nation to be proud of again.

To begin with, our greatest weapon is the truth. Spread the word about SOPA to every person you know. Don’t let the media be distracted from it. Don’t let the latest Kardashian’s fucking hairstyle be what draws public attention from the fact that our very freedom is under threat. That is where we begin and that is our hope of beating SOPA at this stage. Even should we lose this battle, the war is far from over. Take heart anon. Rough men are willing to do violence on your behalf. But so much more powerful are words. Our objective in this is to beat SOPA early. We missed the boat on the NDAA, but we still have time to possibly beat that as well. Get everyone you know calling in to the white house and the congress in opposition to these bills. Make them both career enders.

Our next action after that will be to start building support for a new movement comprised of the non insane parts of OWS and the Tea Party. Built off of the common ground between both. For that we’ll need a web page for public consumption. We want to build something bigger than either movement. Even if the entire platform is overturning citizens united, the NDAA and SOPA that will be enough. After that, there is a plan and more will be revealed as necessary. But for the moment focus on those two things. That will be a start.

A historical parable anons. The time was the late 1600s. There was a king on the throne who was pushing an agenda that his people did not agree with. A catholic sovereign of a protestant nation. They’d had a revolution a few decades prior and installed Cromwell as the supreme authority of england and they didn’t want to take that route again.

And so the second english civil war began and ended on the same day. No one died. No one was even injured. The people simply rallied together, marched into the palace and told the king that his services would no longer be required. They fired him. And rather than killing him, they put his royal ass on a boat and kicked him across the channel.

We are more than capable of the same thing.

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