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By Anonymous avatar | March 23, 2011 - 00:01 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | Comments Off on World Revolution 2011 – The Arabian Spring!

World Revolution 2011 – The Arabian Spring!

The revolution in Tunisia will forever be remembered as the spark that started a worldwide revolution. Their courage broke the barrier of fear which has resonated throughout the globe, inspiring other countries like Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, Oman, Jordan, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Ivory Coast, Sudan and Palestine to do the same. Let them be an example and inspiration for all the repressed people in the world.

This is just my way of saying thank you Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and to all the brave Arabs that are risking their life fighting for their universal rights to freedom and democracy!

This video is dedicated to Mohamed Bouazizi and to the youth of North Africa and the Middle East whose struggle for freedom marches on. This is not the end, but only the beginning of the Arabian Spring! Send to everyone and let them know!

Song: “Revolution” — Jean Michel Jarre

Thanks to the following news sources for their footage:
Daily News Egypt
Huffington Post
The Guardian
Washington Post
Russia Today
Al Jazeera

And to all unknown persons who have contributed with their pictures, artwork, cartoons. Thank You!

Important message to You Tube and people who flag this video:
If it gets flagged or removed, it will be uploaded 100 more times!

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