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By Doemela avatar | March 29, 2011 - 15:11 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | Comments Off on In Greece, the government has little more to offer.

In Greece, the government has little more to offer.

In Greece there is a noticeable rise of anarchists. Coverage unfortunately characterized by many misunderstandings. Some of the anarchists use violence and therefore, like all anarchists as violent put down. The anarchists are anti-democratic and therefore they are the personification of evil. They recognize the Greek government no longer legitimate, and that for many people difficult to understand. Because of the parallels with other European countries, the situation in Greece very interesting. Therefore, it is a good thing to try to dive into the backgrounds of anarchism.

The situation in Greece is interesting because the Netherlands is moving in the same direction. In Greece, the government has little more to offer. This government must collect taxes for interest payments, but she has little more to offer in terms of service. Should be paid considerably, but the government gives little back. In the Eurozone see this trend back, but not as strong as in Greece. There will be cuts in services, while the expenses increased. They will pay more and the government gives less in return. Greece to see that there are limits to what the people have accepted. In the Netherlands, a few years as the surprise that this is not temporary measures. If all goes well then the public services decreased, the burden is increased and the debt has become higher. And that’s the best-case scenario where the government’s forecasts come true. Then the Netherlands is four years in a financial situation worse by higher debt and that means the next government must present another set of tax increases and reduction of service. Perhaps the anarchist movements in the Netherlands will experience a revival.

For anarchists, there is often associated with chaos and violence. Anarchists are not for chaos, they are an organization without the presence of a force monopoly. They see an organization of society based on voluntary cooperation and thus no power. The way this organization is given form differs from anarchist movement. Anarchism is certainly not the absence of order and organization. Anarchists seek a different order.

Furthermore, anarchism associated with violence. The vast majority of anarchists just strongly dislike violence and abuse. But there is a small part for initiating violence. A terrible ideological and logical error. After the overthrow of a government by force means that now the other party gets power by force. Then again, there is someone in power who use violence. The hope of the anarchists is that this people will give their power back on and the government will dismantle. Communism in its pure form is an anarchist ideology. The strategy was that it would set up a central government would take all belongings. And then this government would dismantle itself. Lenin in Russia attempts to get this done, but once when Stalin was in power this was reversed.

There are anarchists who believe not in a violent revolution. They want a peaceful society without the use of force. The agoristen have here a strategy devised to achieve this. They call on everyone to live as free individuals and the government to ignore. They live by the non-aggression principle, and they use no violence against people who have no aggression against their use. But they do not follow what they considered arbitrary government regulations. They act and produce for example, but they do it does not tax. They feel no moral obligation to pay taxes. It is their hope that these black markets will eventually be so large that the government redundant. In Greece you can imagine that at some point need to find a private school because the government can not regulate. And you could rent it because the security police stops functioning. Put this process it makes the market the government is unnecessary idea.

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