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What is a taxonomy?

Taxonomy is one of those words that most people never hear or use. Basically, a taxonomy is a way to group things together.

For example, I might have a bunch of different types of animals. I can group them together according to various characteristics and then assign those groups names. This is something most people encounter in biology classes, and it is known as the Linnaean Taxonomy.

Taxonomy of CyberGuerrilla:

4chan 15M 19July 19Oct 99% 99Percent =>RT<= activisme activists Advocacy Agnostic Alexander Berkman alivein Aljazeera Al Jazeera Allah Allied all powerful corporates America Amy Winehouse Dead! 23/7/11 RIP Anarchism Anarchist FAQ Anarchists Anarchy Anna Hazare Anon Anon16 AnonArrest AnonArt AnonIRC AnonLG AnonNews AnonOps anon Syria revolution killswitch telecomix Anonymiss Anonymity Anonymous Anonymous-1511 cyberguerrilla active against SONY ANONYMOUS-OCCUPY-EVERYWHERE anonymous email Anonymous IRC network Anonymous IRC networks Anonymous Message Anonymous mother Anonymous Operations Anonymous Solidarity Network Anonymous viet nam An Open Letter Anopnymous ANS antifa ANTIIMF AntiSec Anton Constandse Arabic Arab Spring Arise Arthur Lehning Ass Assange AtariTeenageRiot ath Atheists Ativists Avaaz Awaken background check Bahrain Bank of America Barack Obama Barry Friedman BART Bashar Al Assad BEAST 1333 Beauty Benoît Broutchoux Benton Biella Coleman Bilderbergs birth control activist BlackFlag BlackHatStyle blackpearl block access Blog Bloggers Bolsheviks botnet bp bradass87 Bradley Manning bribery scandals Broadcast Music Incorporated BrutalityEnds bt Buccaneers Buenaventura Durruti business sites Butthurts Assessment bypass internet censorship C C@b!nCr3w CabinCr3w cablegate CCCAMP11 Censored censor information censorship Chan4 change Chaos Communication Camp child labor Children China Christiaan Cornelissen CIA civil liberties civil rights civil war Clara Wichmann code Code of Conduct collective Control crack cracking Craszy Horse crime. cross country CSS CutieBoy cyber CyberAttacks cyber guru cyber terrorism Cyberwar cyber war David Cameron DDOS Dead Kennedys debt Decentralize Deface Defcon Democracy Democracy2.0 Dependence DeSopa DHS Dicknose Die Antwoord Disney World disposable email Documentary Documents domain lookup dotfighter DoxTheJudge Dutch Dutsch Shell Earth ebook e book ECB EDF Egypt egypte email Eman al Obeidi emcom Emiliano Zapata Emma Goldman Emma_A Encyclopædia Dramatica Encylopædia Dramatica EndTheFED english EQ Errico Malatesta EU europe European Monetrary Fund european union Evangelos Venizelos Evil evolution Existential Nihilism expect us expose Exxon Facebook fake emailer fake mail Fascism FBI Fearful Feb17 federal reserve feds feed the homeless female activists female suffrage feminism feminist Fenton Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis FF FireFox first aid Flooding flotilla France Frank Rieger free FreeAnons Freeanons Solidarity Inc Freedom freedom of association freedom of expression freedom of speech FREETOPIARY Free Topiary FreeX french Fukushima Gabriella Coleman Gaddafi Gaddafi forces Gaza Geek Politics Generation OS13 GeoHot Ghost in the Wires girls GlobalChange globalevolution globalrevolution GNonsense GoDaddy GoodNewsBitches google governemnt sites government government corruption Greece greeceevolution Greece Revolution Greek greekevolution Greek Finance Minister GreekRevolution gtunnel guru Hack Hacked Hacker hackers Hacking Hacktivism hacktivist Hama Hazare HBGary help Hero herpaderpa HiveMind Hoist The Colors hope HotChicks HTML human rights humor hunger strike hungerstriking activist I2P illegal illuminati IMF India Infiltrated intellectual freedom intercom internet Internet activist group internet activists Internet ban Internet Censorship Internet control InternetSurveillance Intifada Inşallah IP act iran IranElectio Iraq IRC Israel ItalianRevolution italievolution jan25 Japan Jasmine Jasmine revolution Java javascript javascript debugger Jester Johnny Lydon journalism journalist JS tester Juan García Oliver Julian Julian Assange kallista Kelly Thomas Kevin M Allan Kevin Mitnick kmallan Koch Industries Kostas Vaxevanis Kurdish autonomy k_m_allan Labor Lazy Leak leakspin Leakspinner Legal Help Legion Legionnaires LegionNET Lenin Leon Trotsky Libya Libyan National Transitional Temporary Council Libyan youth movement LOIC Los Zeta love Low Orbit Ion Canon Luigi Fabbri lulz Lulz Boat lulzSec Lulz Security LulzTeamSIX LulzXmas Madrid March15 Mary Harris "Mother" Jones MasterCard Master of Many Manners master of many things masterofmanythings masterofmanythings #Fuzzycatpajamas May15 Mayor Bloomberg MD5 Hash Cracking Media Memorial Weekend Merkel message Message From Anonymous metal gear sock puppets humanity freedom revolution rebellion Michael Bakunin Michael Moore MiddleEast Mikhail Bakunin minn mIRC Misrata MMOT MoistDeliciousCake MOMM Mother Mother Jones MotorMouth Msg2TheMedia NASDAQ OMX Group National Defense Authorization Act National Fallen Firefighters Foundation National Laywers Guild NATO NCCIC NDAA Nestor Makhno Netherlands newblood new blood newzbin2 New Zealand Nicholas Sarkozy Nihilism ninja NLG No Noam Chomsky NoFear NonViolence Nov5 Nuclear Disaster NYDP NYPD obama Occupy Occupy2012 OccupyAmsterdam OccupyAustin OccupyChicago OccupyDC OccupyDenHaag OccupyHandBook OccupyLA OccupyLasVegas OccupyLSX OccupyMinnesota Occupy movement OccupyOakland OccupyRotterdam OccupySeattle OccupyStream OccupyTheConstitution OccupyTheInternet occupyTheWorld OccupyTogether OccupyUS OccupyUtrecht OccupyWallStreet Occupy Wall Street Oct15 one Online online free speech online MD5 crack OpAssange OpBackout OpBanktransferday OpBART OpBlackOut: OpBlitzkrieg OpCartel OpCashBack OpCashout OpCensorThis OpDarknet OpDemocracy Opemmaa open activism open message OpEnough operation Operation Bahrain Operation Black Out Operation Distraught OperationFlock OperationGreenRights Operation Gun Shy Operation Lightning Rod Operation Payback OperationPayback OpEsr OpExGamex opfacebook opfb OpFlock OpFreeAnons OpFreeSoap OpFullerton opgoogle OpGreece OpGreenRights OpHamaza OpIMF OpInvadeWallStreet OpIon OpIran OpItaly OpLibya OpLove OpMemBusting OpMetalGear OpNewBlood OpNoFear OpNoPro OpNotFaceBook OpNz OpOccupyWallStreet OpOrlando OpPaperBallot OpPayback OpPayPal OpPepper OpPlanB OpPolicia oppressive governments OpRadar OpSaveED OpScum OpSellYourScum OpService OpShitStorm OpSony OpSupportGreece OpSyria OpTurkey Orlando Food Not Bombs ow OWS Palestine Papandreou PaperStorm Pathway to Peace Patriot Act payback PayPal Peace Pentagon Pepper Spray Peter Kropotkin philosophy PHP Pierre Joseph Proudhon Pierre Monatte pirate Pirate Party pirates pissing PKK poetry Police Police brutality Police State Politics Power Power to the People preliminary version Press pretty vacant privateers programming propaganda Protect IP Act protest protests puppets python ra Radioactive RamadanMassacre Rape RefRef religion Resistance rev11info RevoluSec revolution Revolutionary Dog Rice Riots Roel van Duijn (Provo) Rolling Rebellions Rop Gonggrijp Royal Dutsch Shell Rudolf Rocker Rules of internet Russia Ryan Ryan Cleary Sabu Saudi Arabia saurav kashyap savethepiratebay Scotland Yard ScottOlson Sea Shepherd Secret Police secure Security SellYourBanksters SellYourPoliticians Sep17 SEX Sex Fawkes Sex Pistols Sex Tapes Shell Signature SingleHop Skype Sms SMS flooder Sms sender So called Anonymous spokesperson social media sock puppet Solidarity Sony SOPA SoyDeLaGeneracion Spain spainishrevolution Spam Bots spanishevolution Spanishrevolution Spanish Revolution speech Spyfiles SS SSS Staged Riots Steve Irwin Stratfor Strauss Kahn Strike Strong Stupid Fuckin' People Sweden SWEDEN'S WALLENBERG CARTEL Syria Syrian revolution Tahrir Tahrir Square TangoDown Target TEAMFOLLOWBACK Teargas T E L E C O M I X terms of service The99% TheAnonymous18 TheCrazyOnes The February Revolution of 1917 the freedom of expression the freedom of information the freedom of speech the hacker news them all TheMisfits TheRebels The Sandman Project TheTroublemakers Think Different THN threedays grace Timeline Tmobil toki Tony Baloney Tools Topiary TOS TotalDestroyThursday Toturemethods Tripoli Trolls Tunis Tunisia Turkey Turkish bombing Turkish Censorship Turkish Government Tutorial tutorials Twitter U.S.A U.S. IP Protection Bill UCDavis uk Ukraine UK riots Uncensored United States United States government US USA US SECRET SERVICE V V 0.052 VB VB NET VBScript view violence VISA Voice Wanted war Weak weapons wearelegionthedocumentary web censorship WeddingSpeech What is the Plan white house whois Whup wiki wikileaks Women WordBomb Wounded at Wounded Knee XS4ALL Yemen Youth Youtube zebra unit _k_m_allan
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