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By Anonymous avatar | January 7, 2012 - 16:00 | Posted in AnonyNews | Comments Off on Anonymous hacks ArcelorMittal website

Anonymous hacks ArcelorMittal website

Sunday, 1 January declared autonomous by Anonymous hacktivists ArcelorMittal as one of their targets in response to the planned closure of the hot line in Liege. It’s the cyber activists high that despite the company booking a net profit of $ 2.9 billion in 2010, the promise of a long-term investment instrument. On 6 January they added the action to the word.

In a statement on the YouTube channel TheAnonBelgium, published on January 1, the sheet of Anonymous cyber-activists to the treachery of ArcelorMittal.

“In 2008, Mr. Mittal reopened the Cockerill furnaces with insurance to thousands of workers and the Belgian Government that it would be a long term investment,” explains to Anonymous.

“After the announcement of the closure of the hot line, a few weeks ago, but now threatening 600 workers losing their jobs immediately,” write the cyber activists. “It is estimated that this is more than 4000 workers will lose their jobs indirectly,” to fill them.

The hacktivists of Anonymous subtly suggest that ArcelorMittal in 2010 net income of $ 2.9 billion had recorded. For them, this is another proof of how a huge international company lies to the people for the sake of profit and shareholders.

Also get the cyber activists that the decision of ArcelorMittal was officially condemned by the European Parliament and the Belgian government. But nevertheless apparently with no legal means to boxing is against this huge company.

“This is another company that acts as if it is above the law, playing with the lives of thousands,” she explained.

AnonOps Belgium criticizes the restructuring strategy of ArcelorMittal and explains in this “unjust and unacceptable situation” in solidarity with the thousands of job to lose and will support them in every way within their power.

“ArcelorMittal Belgium Down”

Friday, January 6, was then first to exploit effectively the website of ArcelorMittal hacked despite the statement of the company in response to the threat of “a strong security system” and “all possible precautions to protect themselves against such actions “.

After scanning the site with w3af, websecurify SQLMAP software and some vulnerabilities were found in terms of cross-site scripting and SQL injections.

Because of this leak, which the hacktivists among other due to a ‘scrappy’ Pearl script (, developed by the Ghent company Aware, hackers could easily access the underlying database of the website.

The hackers point in a data dump that this script pastebin the developer sold to multiple companies which are likely multiple Belgian sites, including those of the hospital in Waregem, also have to contend with the same vulnerabilities.

The hacked database files, including tables with login details and email addresses were posted online by AnonOps Belgium.

In one of the published tables we find similarly largely negative feedback from visitors to the website of ArcelorMittal ArcelorMittal Orbit. This is a 115 meter high sculpture (22 m higher than the Statue of Liberty) with observation deck that ArcelorMittal, despite the many negative reviews for various different reasons (aesthetic, ethical, environmental, waste, lack of participation in 2011 ,…), yet in the Olympic Park in Stratford had built to celebrate the 2012 Olympics in London.

ArcelorMittal, in addition to job loss also responsible for a lot of CO2 emissions, alongside companies such as BP, Rio Tinto and Dow Chemical has a major sponsor of what is emphatically “the first sustainable Games the world” to be promoted.

The sculpture will cost only about 19.1 million British pound (about 23.16 million euros). Lakshmi Mittal has assumed itself £ 16 million from his account. The rest is by the London Development Agency bijgepast. So you know where Mittal is still worth to invest.

It took quite some time before the site of ArcelorMittal had returned to some extent restored. During the action, namely Anonymous, the original contents is replaced by a custom message (see screenshot above). At time of writing, the website of ArcelorMittal is back online, albeit rudimentary, with a microsite.

ArcelorMittal has in turn filed a complaint against unknown persons in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, where its European headquarters. The judicial police has started an investigation.

ArcelorMittal Orbit, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
(Photo: George Rex)

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