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By Anonymous avatar | February 1, 2012 - 22:29 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | 93 Comments

An Anonymous plea to BlackBloc

How it feels to speak out about Black Bloc

Sometimes the most vicious thing you can do to the OPD is to not use violence, give them enough rope to hang themselves.

Remember, if they attack us, it only helps us, unless we attack them, then all people see of us is violence, our message is crushed.

Not all strategies are equal, and it’s not enough to just look at how justified you think it is, there are also overarching consequences which should not be ignored.

Throwing bottles at officers only makes their show of excessive force look justified and damages the footage, they’re well protected by riot gear you aren’t hurting them, but doing that does hurt the protesters next to you.

Smashing windows is meaningless, it costs nothing for millionaires to replace a broken window then it’s business as usual, meanwhile if you break the window of a coffee shop, you are making those who share in your cause look like terrorist and street thugs, no matter how it makes you feel or how justified you think it is the tactic is not only ineffective and pointless, it’s harmful.

Before these tactics were used in Oakland, Occupy protesters enjoyed broad support among small business owners who were providing food, shelter, and goods free of charge to support the movement, then people using Black Bloc tactics started intimidating small store owners, and attacked a Whole Food store which did nothing to hurt the store owners, and devastated Occupy Oakland. People had to sleep out in the cold and endure the rain and constant night raids as a result of these tactics.

And it is no coincidence that Oakland is on the map, but Black Bloc didn’t put it there, police brutality and a backlash to it did. Black Bloc tactics is harming the backlash, when we try to edit footage and see bottles and rocks being thrown at police do you have any idea what that does to the footage? It constrains the backlash by making the police look provoked, even when we all know they were the ones doing the provoking.

As another pointed out, quote

‘Black Bloc doesn’t get that OPD is TRYING to Provoke Violence so their payed for Main Stream Media can scare people and turn public opinion against Occupy.’

Black Bloc tactics are having this effect, we implore those sympathetic to them to consider the consequences of each direct action, think far beyond the action itself, think of how it will look, think about the effects it can have on recruitment, think about what it can do to the message, imagine the worst case scenario because there are those who will exploit it. The State wants violence, because the state is adept at exploiting violence, there are much crueler ways to resist.

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93 Responses to An Anonymous plea to BlackBloc

  1. April 28, 2012 at 20:24
    Anonymous says:

    The Black Bloc are hypocritical. They cannot have a protest of their own so they piggy back on protests organised by groups that actually have their shit together and then FORCE violence on every person there. They do more damage to the protesters than they do the cops. The cops HAVE tools to deal with violence, they do NOT have tools to deal with PEACEFUL protest. All I can say is if you are bloc, and you cause violence within arms reach of me at a protest you WILL need several dozen stitches. I consider you provoking violence near me a personal attack on my safety and I WILL respond as such and take you out of the picture for a few weeks. Be warned.

    • April 26, 2014 at 22:18
      Anonymous says:

      cops have learned that nonys will not help or shelter a nony that the cops have singled out.
      I hate one single thing about anonymous. they will leave their fallen or captured to be beatin like shit.
      otherwise ive been a nony longer than I care to tell. but this shit of leaving ppl behind to get their asses kicked by the cops is the single greatest reason ppl shy away from anonymous.

      you do not leave your man behind. the mathematics are there. if ya use google youll find it

  2. April 28, 2012 at 21:50
    Anonymous says:

    Blac bloc has a malicious intent , and have their own agenda unrelated to the Occupy mission. They have nearly taken us back to the start button, erasing every credible outcome of our mission. Blac Bloc read my lips … Go away,,,, Take a hike,,,,,you do not represent us. You are the worst of the 1%. We are responsible , tax paying citizens from every walk of life. We don’t want a hand out, pay out, cop out ,,,,Our fore fathers lost a lot of blood, sweat , and tears, for our constitutional rights, which btw sleeping on bare concrete does not come close, to what they and our troops have done to protect our freedom.

    We are Not Blac Bloc…. We Never Were Blac Bloc. Thank you, Anonymous brothers and sisters for your support.

  3. May 13, 2012 at 23:06
    anonymous says:

    All I see is two groups of violent scumbags brawling.

    What do these inelegent ‘black bloc’ thugs have to do with the wonder that is anonymous?

    Your stone age leftism and street vilence is what you are.

    Anonymous is not you and you are not Anonymous.

    You seek to poison and use Anonymous.

    Don’t. You would not like us when we get angry. You do not speak for the hive mind and our giant eyes slowly turn to look down on you. We can destroy you utterly. Do not do this again. You have been warned.

    We Are Aonymous
    We Are Legion
    We do Not Forgive
    We Do Not Forget

    We don’t do offensive violence it is the tool of our enemies, thugs, mornons, sadists and failures.

    Your attempts at it are poor, undignified and you look pathetic.

    You will die and fail. There is no truth in your acts. You are the pawn of those who wish vilent state oppressioo.

nonymous. Whoever you are, we are ungovernable!
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