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By Anonymous avatar | February 3, 2012 - 17:41 | Posted in AnonyNews | Comments Off on Conference call between Scotland Yard and FBI regarding Anonymous and LulzSec cases.

Conference call between Scotland Yard and FBI regarding Anonymous and LulzSec cases.

Best guesses for locations:
Bruce: (FBI Los Angeles)
Stewart (UK, Scotland Yard)
Matt (UK, Scotland Yard)
Tim (FBI New york)
Chad (FBI, New York?)

In this transcript, locations will be shortened to simply “UK”, “FBI” and so on.
Inaudible portions will be marked by *???*

*****************TRANSCRIPT OF THE FOLLOWING VIDEO: *************

UK (Stewart)  : Hello?
FBI (Bruce)    : Hey Stewart?
UK (Stewart)  : Yeah hello…
FBI (Bruce)    : Hey it’s Bruce.
UK (Stewart)  : Alright Bruce, how’re you doing?
FBI (Bruce)    : Alright, I’m not sure if we’re the only two on right now or not…
UK (Stewart)  : Bruce don’t say anything too bad, I’m here with Matt
FBI (Bruce)    : hahahahaha
UK (Matt)      : Hi Bruce!
FBI (Bruce)    : Hey… I’ll keep it clean… Do you wanna talk about cheese?
UK (Matt)      : …Cheese?!
*hysterical laughter from everyone*
UK (Stewart)  : Cheese, eh? What about that McDonald’s at the Pentagon, ey?
FBI (Bruce)    : *hysterical laughter*
UK (Stewart)  : I’ve told so many people, no one believes me!
FBI (Bruce)    : Really? You must have a picture!
UK (Stewart)  : …place with a Mcdonald’s in the middle, it’s just incredible!
*more laughter*

UK (Stewart)  : So what’s happening in your world then, Bruce? Busy?
FBI (Bruce)    : Ah yeah, just still catching up from the time when I was away, so working on that stuff, and I just saw the information about the big ACPO cyber conference in Sheffield
UK (Stewart)  : Oh yes, yeah are you gonna be able to come?
FBI (Bruce)    : I think so, yeah!
UK (Stewart)  : Good, so I mean we’re I think sort of, almost en masse going to be going up to it, so it should be quite a good event
FBI (Bruce)    : Oh yeah, sounds good!
UK (Stewart)  : Got John Greece speaking at it, I don’t know if you’ve ever met him but he’s a lovely man.
FBI (Bruce)    : Really?
UK (Stewart)  : Oh yeah, yeah, one of… a true, sort of old school detective, and he’s eh… Mad a s a box of frogs.
FBI (Bruce)    : *laughter*
FBI (Bruce)    : Is Matt presenting up there?
UK (Stewart)  : Yeah, I think my level of knowledge is too high for a lot of them
UK (Matt)      : Yeah we’ll just leave him in charge of the IT!
FBI (Bruce)    : *laughter* ok! Ahhh… I’ve never been to Sheffield.
UK (Stewart)  : Ah, you’ve missed nothing.
FBI (Bruce)    : Really?
UK (Stewart)  : Oh yeah, I’m afraid so. It’s not exactly a jewel in England’s crown.
FBI (Bruce)    : *more hysterics* ok
UK (Stewart)  : There you go.
FBI (Bruce)    : There’s a big university up there, right?
UK (Stewart)  : Sorry?
FBI (Bruce)    : Isn’t there a big university up there?
UK (Stewart)  : Sheffield Uni’s quite big, there’s a huge shopping centre as well, but… I think that’s about it.
FBI (Bruce)    : That it?
UK (Stewart)  : It’s the bullring, is that the famous thing in Sheffield? The Bullring, there’s a big roundabout in the middle of it, it’s got an upstairs and a downstairs, it was quite exciting in the 1970s.
FBI (Bruce)    : *laughing* Ok…
UK (Matt)      : There’s the flares nightclub
FBI (Bruce)    : Oh yeah?
UK (Matt)      : Yeah, always good for a night out
UK (Stewart)  : There’s a McDonalds…!!!
FBI (Bruce)    : *laughter* Oh great, I look forward to that!
*everyone laughs*
UK (Matt)      : No Dunkin’ donuts though, ’cause they’re purely Chicago.
*Manaic giggling from all sides*
UK (Matt)      : Not sure, around here somewhere anyway.
FBI (Bruce)    : They might have shot a movie there, but… Then again, maybe not
UK (Stewart)  : No it wasn’t there, it was here!
FBI (Bruce)    : *laughing* I’ve told so many people about that…

*Actual intelligent discussion starts here*

UK (Stewart)  : Did you speak to Andy about that information?
FBI (Bruce)    : No not yet, I have not.
UK (Stewart)  : Ok, no well that’s good ’cause it’s only just dawned on me, I forgot to mention it to him, I went in to see him but his phone was.. He was in a phone call, so I didn’t actually forewarn him. But I’ll do that straight fter this.
FBI (Bruce)    : I reached back out to our Washington field office and told them that Andy was a good point of contact, and then they came back and said “Well we kinda want to do a dual interview with him”, so I need to get back with them and try to sort that out cause I know that’s kinda not what you guys normally do…
UK (Stewart)  : That’s an interesting one there, um… He’s 18 years old, isn’t he?
FBI (Bruce)    : He’s 18 he says, yes.
UK (Stewart)  : Ok well I mean, ok it’s a step in the right direction there then. Well em… Maybe step one would be for us to do the first introduction, and them move on from there. We’ll discuss that afterwards.
FBI (Bruce)    : Ok, that’s fine.
FBI (Tim)       : Hello, this is Tim Lauster calling from headquarters, sorry for joining late, we had a conference room that was double booked, so Jerry and Chad are going to be joining monentarily. And eh, who’s on the call right now?
UK (Stewart)  : You’ve got your London contingent. *???* and *???*, and Bruce in that little office down the road.
FBI (Tim)       : Ok.
FBI (Bruce)    : Los Angeles is here too.
FBI (Tim)       : LA? Anyone else?
UK (Stewart)  : Anybody in the background?
FBI (Tim)       : So all we have is UK and LA? Ah, it’s gonna be a short call
*everyone snickers*
FBI (Tim)       : Alright, go ahead, Met, if you wanna take off – just let us know where you guys stand?
UK (Stewart)  : Em, well we’ve basically, as was I think on the last call, we’ve still got Ryan Cleary and Jake Davis – I can deal with that if you want?
FBI (Tim)       : Go ahead yeah, I think somebody just hopped on.
FBI (Chad)      : Hey it’s Chad, FBI
UK (Stewart)  : As I say, situation as it was really: We’ve got Ryan Cleary and Jake Davis due in court on the 27th. Following some discussion with the New York office, we’re looking to try and build some time in, to allow some operational matters to fulfill on your side of the water. So we’ve set back the further arrests of Kayla and Tflow, that being , and , until we know what’s happening. We’ve got our prosecution counsel making an application in chambers – ie. without the defense knowing – to seek a way to try and factor some time in that won’t look suspicious.
FBI (Tim)       : Ok, how much time do you think is reasonable?
UK (Stewart)  : I’ve gone and said eight weeks. If they come back and say they’ll only give us six then I think it still helps you guys out. But I’ve said for eight weeks in the first instance. We have got Ryan Cleary’s indecent images, partly by our guys and partly by the USAF team who looked at his hard drive. So what we’re going to propose is that they get dealt with first, historically they’re the older offenses, and then that would take six to eight weeks before we then rolled on to the second half of it. but it’s down to the trial judge really, how he wants to play it.
FBI (Tim)       : Ok, I just want to express our gratitude for being flexible on this. I know New York appreciates it and the FBI as a whole.
UK (Stewart)  : Hey, we’re here to help!
FBI (Tim)       : We appreciate that.
UK (Stewart)  : We’ve cocked things up in the past, we know that, so it’s… It gives us more time to examine the chat logs in any event, so it’s not that much of a hardship.
FBI (Tim)       : Ok, that’s great. Is there anything else?
UK (Stewart)  : Just one thing, the lad who was CSL sec, is his real name, known as TehWongs? He was of interest to one of the guys in New York. He got arrested ust before Christmas for DDOSing his school, then he did some stuff over the Christmas break on the supposed Project Mayhem, or whatever the hell that was, Operation Fuck You? Where he hacked a Manchester Credit Union, that’s based in Jamaica, and defaced that site. He’s a fifteen year old shit, who’s basically just doing this all for attention and a bit of an idiot. But what he has done which is kinda curious is written a statement, through it looks his school, basically explaining how he came to become a hacker and what things he’s done. So we’re just researching that. One of the ones he’s claimed credit for in the statement is a thing called Steam, which is some sort of gaming site with 32,000 user names and logins, and credit card details, which he’s suggesting he’s had off. I don’t know if that’s a job that any of you guys are dealing with, but if it is, we’ve got a statement admitting to it.
FBI (Tim)       : That’s fantastic, we actually do have a pending investigation looking into that compromise. And what was his name?
UK (Stewart)  : He goes by the Moniker TehWongz, T E H, W O N GZ, he is the face behind CSLsec, Can’t Stop Laughing Security, which is a sort of LulzSec wannabe group, it’s known there’s three people in it. And he’s eh… Oh he’s just a pain in the bum. *snicker* He’s currently a subject of West Midlands police, who have been dealing with him. We have a copy of his hard drive here, which we’re just going to have a look at. But again, another juvenile, another wannabe type character. But if whoever’s got your operation, if they want to fire me an email, I’ll put them in touch with our intel cell who are trying to find out who’s got interest, and we can get you a copy of his statement, see if it makes sense.
FBI (Tim)       : Oh that’d be great, I know they would appreciate – it’s our Baltimore office that’s leading the charge on that one. Did he indicate who he was working with, or any other nicks that he associates with?
UK (Stewart)  : Yeah there’s one called GrandmaWongz, and then there’s one other which has gone out of the top of my head, can’t remember what the third one was, who are his little group of friends. Whether they’re online friends or actually three dimensional friends I’m not sure. He gives the two sides of our A4 description of how he’s got involved, what he’s done, looks like he’s almost cleaning the slate now that he’s come to Manchester police, I suspect a smack from mum or dad is behind it all.
FBI (Tim)       : Right, is he looking at any charges on your side?
UK (Stewart)  : It’s up in the air at the moment. If he has done the Steam job, it might be one that we would look at taking on from the *???* point of view, but if it is just more of him bragging, we would probably leave it with the local police, who actually at the moment don’t have an awful lot of interest in him. But I suppose we we need to speak t othe Baltimore office and see what the story is behind the attack, and what damage was actually done.
FBI (Tim)       : Ok, thank you very much for that! Anything else?
UK (Stewart)  : No I don’t think so at the moment, nothing that I can think of, we’ve still got a server to get from the Germans – oh one thing I was going to ask, I don’t know what your liason’s been with the Irish, but we’ve been speaking with the Irish around Palladium and Pwnsauce, and looking to share some intelligence with them and some information about that. I don’t know if they’re in on this call?
FBI (Tim)       : I dont… Anyone on, from Ireland? I don’t think so.
UK (Stewart)  : Ok, I don’t know if it’s going to assist or take our job very much further, but probably worth getting back in touch with them from your side, I think they’ve got stuff that they could share.
FBI (Tim)       : Ok, alright –
UK (Stewart)  : And I suppose the final thing that I’ve got is, we got the final report from the guys at the USAF, who had a look at Ryan Cleary’s hard drive. I don’t know whether it’s been disseminated amongst you guys or not, but it’s worth reading it. It stretches to 325 pages, not including their notes, and it’s quite a thorough piece of work, needless to say. We’re quite impressed with it, I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not but you’ve got some fellow up there who’s done a cracking job on that.
FBI (Tim)       : Ok I’ll check that out, I haven’t seen that yet. OK, LA do you have anything?
FBI (Chad)      : Not much, other than what we were sending to the Met through Bruce – if you haven’t seen it yet Bruce it’s going to be heading your way – just connecting Sharpie with Kayla and probably tflow, he might have been using a moniker “Chronos”, a year and a half ago, two years ago, just some more logs that we would like the Met to go through if they haven’t had enough of that yet!
UK (Stewart)  : Are you saying that Chronos was tflow or Sharpie?
FBI (Chad)      : tflow, is what it looks like.
UK (Stewart)  : Yeah, we’ve seen Chronos before and we’ve sort of made the assumption that it was tflow.
FBI (Chad)      : Ok, other than that we’re just waiting for Cleary’s ISP but that’s about it, and it looks like we might have a little more time to wait on that.
UK (Stewart)  : This is the stuff on the MLAT that was dealt with by our extradition squad?
FBI (Chad)      : Yeah.
UK (Stewart)  : We’re still trying to chase that up, I can only apologize I don’t know why that’s not with you. Last I heard it was going back before the magistrate to be signed off to come back to you, which is what happens when we’re asked to do enquiries of other people and it’s not already been part of our investigation. But I will chase that up for you.
FBI (Chad)      : Yeah no worries, I figured something just went FUBAR, we’re just looking for the ISP email, his house went to that IP address, or the IP address went to his house. That’s it. We’ll wait for that, no worries. That’s it from LA.
FBI (Tim)       : Ok, anyone join on late? Alright, that was a quick call, we’ll plan on meeting again on a regular day, on Monday next week, and thanks a lot to everyone for joining us!
*everyone starts hanging up*

Writing on its Twitter account, AnonymousIRC said: “The FBI might be curious how we’re able to continuously read their internal comms for some time now.”

Listen along, and laugh out loud at the law enforcement agents bumbling away.

Pastebin :
Download mp3 –
The Inquirer…
Naked Security…

A sensitive conference call between FBI and British police’s cybercrime investigators was recorded by the very people they were trying to catch, officials and hackers said Friday.

Hacking collective Anonymous published a roughly 15-minute-long recording of a conference call apparently devoted to tracking and prosecuting members of the loosely-knit group.

The FBI said the information “was intended for law enforcement officers only and was illegally obtained.”

“A criminal investigation is under way to identify and hold accountable those responsible,” the bureau said in a statement.

It’s not clear how the hackers got their hands on the recording, which appears to have been edited to bleep out the names of some of the suspects being discussed.

“The FBI might be curious how we’re able to continuously read their internal comms for some time now,” the group gloated in a message posted to Twitter.

Amid the material published by Anonymous was a message purportedly sent by an FBI agent to international law enforcement agencies. It invites his foreign counterparts to join the call to “discuss the ongoing investigations related to Anonymous … and other associated splinter groups.” The email contained a phone number and password for accessing the call.

The email is addressed to officials in the U.K., Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden and France, but only American and British officials can be heard on the recording.

Graham Cluley, an expert with data security company Sophos, said that hackers had been able to eavesdrop on the call because they had compromised an investigator’s emails.

“No doubt the police authorities will be appalled to realize that the very people that they are trying to apprehend, could have been tuning in to their internal conversations,” he wrote in a blog post.

An email to the FBI agent who sent the email was not immediately returned, while one of the British investigators on the call referred questions to Scotland Yard’s press office.

The press office said it was still working on a statement.

The recorded discussion itself appears sensitive. Those on the call talk about what legal strategy to pursue in the cases of Ryan Cleary and Jake Davis – two British suspects linked to Anonymous – and discuss details of the evidence gathered against other suspects.

Karen Todner, a lawyer for Cleary, said that the recording could be “incredibly sensitive” and warned that such data breaches had the potential to derail the police’s work.

“If they haven’t secured their email it could potentially prejudice the investigation,” she told The Associated Press.

Anonymous is an amorphous collection of Internet enthusiasts, pranksters and activists whose targets have included the Church of Scientology, the music industry, and financial companies such as Visa and MasterCard.

Following a spate of arrests across the world, the group and its various offshoots have focused their attention on law enforcement agencies in general and the FBI in particular.

MIME-Version: 1.0
acceptlanguage: en-US
Accept-Language: en-US
Content-class: urn:content-classes:message
Subject: Anon-Lulz International Coordination Call
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 19:21:49 -0000
thread-topic: Anon-Lulz International Coordination Call
From: “Lauster, Timothy F. Jr.”
To: “Reichard, Gerald A.” ,
“Gillen, Paul G” ,
“Gallagher, Colm” ,
“Helman, Bruce C. Jr.” ,
“Sporre, Eric W.” ,
“Buckler, Lesley” ,
“Geeslin, Robert C.” ,
“Plunkett, William R.” ,
“Roberts, Stewart B.” ,
“Brassanini, David” ,
“Stangl, Christopher K.” ,
“Patel, Milan” ,
“Ng, William T.” ,
“Adams, Melanie” ,
“Culp, Mark A.” [mark culp=”” ic=”” fbi=”” gov=””],
“Arico, Nicholas J.” ,
“Tabatabaian, Ramyar” ,
“Penalosa, Jensen” ,
“Bales, Will” ,
“Burton, Kevin C.” ,
“Nail, Michael A.” ,
“Grasso, Thomas X.” ,
“Thomas, Christopher T.” ,
“Caruthers, John” ,
“Phoenix, Conor I.” ,
“Hunt, Chad R.” ,
“Willett, Bryan G.” ,
“Patrick, Kory D.”


A conference call is planned for next Tuesday (January 17, 2012) to =
discuss the on-going investigations related to Anonymous, Lulzsec, =
Antisec, and other associated splinter groups. The conference call was =
moved to Tuesday due to a US holiday on Monday. =20

Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time: 4:00 PM GMT=20

BridgeTN: 202-393-2430

Access Code: 6513211#

Please contact me if you have any questions.



SSA Timothy F. Lauster, Jr.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

202-651-3211 (w)

202-651-3193 (f)

The FBI said the information “was intended for law enforcement officers only and was illegally obtained”. According to the leaked email, which appears to have been written by the FBI’s Timothy Lauster Jr, the call took place on January 17. During the call, the officers and agents discussed the names of people they were tracking, plans for legal action and requests for more time.

The Scotland Yard officers also joked about a conference on cyber-crime in Sheffield, telling the FBI that they had not missed much by not having visited the city before, adding it was “not exactly a jewel in England’s crown”.

One of the FBI agents also thanked UK police for their support and for trying to give the FBI more time, saying: “I just want to express our gratitude for being flexible on this. I know New York (FBI office) appreciates it, and the FBI as a whole.”

One of the UK officers replied: “We’re here to help. We’ve cocked things up in the past, we know that… It’s not that much of a hardship.”

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