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By Anonymous avatar | February 10, 2012 - 21:44 | Posted in AnonyNews | 5 Comments

Fake anonymous Alberto Stegeman SBS broadcast. Total fake.

This is a message to all anon brothers and sisters.

It has come to our attention that the dutch SBS program Undercover in Nederland, presented by a guy called Alberto Stegeman, has launched a media attack against the TOR network we all love so much. On the 12th of february they will release a propaganda video attacking the anonymous TOR network.

In this show a fake representative of anonymous will appear, claiming our beloved tor network is owned by pedophiles and criminals. We want to add to this that the “trailer” for this show smells of planfaggotry, showing a video sequence we have not seen since we completely destroyed the fake anons from whatis-theplan.

The ultimate goal of the Dutch media, in this case SBS, is to destroy online privacy and freedom, and anonymous can not allow this. After the ACTA treaty worldwide, and the fascist actions taken by the dutch foundation Stichting Brein, these next steps can never be accepted.

We are calling upon all anonymous brothers and sisters to launch attacks against the Dutch media broadcasting channel SBS. After the 12th of february operations will increase even further.

Anonymous will never accept any form of censorship. We will deliver additional information soon. Operations have now started.

We are anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

From Dutch SBS6 site: [Use google to translate site!]


The anonymous Tor network is a playground for pedophiles. Police and Justice have it inspected. This is the result of an exclusive interview with Alberto Stegeman was a member of the Dutch branch of Anonymous. Never spoke to members of this international organization through a TV interview. In Undercover in the Netherlands indicates the member of Anonymous him the way to the anonymous network where users and producers of child pornography remain untraceable. Due to the enormity of the problem and the lack of an appropriate response from the Police and Justice he a cry in the program. Undercover in the Netherlands on Sunday at 21.30 to see at SBS 6.

Worldwide collective cry
The global resistance anonymous Anonymous is a collective that has dominated the news for several years. They communicate through their own channels on the Internet. From the computer they run large and sometimes illegal operations. They are known for hacking into sites of the FBI, United Nations and the Pentagon. Dozens of members are behind bars. The Dutch branch has its own words more than a thousand members.

A masked member of Anonymous, which says on behalf of the organization to speak, makes Undercover in the Netherlands a cry about pedophiles and child pornography on the anonymous Tor network. On the Tor network IP addresses can not be traced. This anonymity provides such opportunities for oppressed citizens in dictatorships in an anonymous way to share information, but is roughly abused by pedophiles. The masked member of Anonymous warns that it involves hundreds of sites, with hundreds of thousands of images. The member reports that collectively months ago with the information to Justice is gone. Because Justice indicated nothing to do so, says this member of Anonymous is now representing the collective in the program to the outside world. “We find that the Justice Department more attention to this matter should give. At this moment we have the struggle with child pornography on the Internet is lost. All pedophiles to the anonymous Tor network moved. ‘”

Last summer the police knew at the Tor network take a few websites online to get through a few servers to take over. A magistrate gave permission for it very rarely. “Then nothing is done. But it goes on Tor for hundreds of thousands of images every day and there are child pornography pictures and videos at. These are every day, every hour, made. Justice and police are powerless to watch, “said the masked Anonymous member.

It is known that also Robert M. child pornography distributed via the Tor network. In the interview with Alberto Stegeman shows the Anonymous member that this is just the tip of the iceberg and there from the Netherlands, hundreds of people every day child pornography via the Tor network spread.

Undercover on the Tor network
Alberto then does its own research on the Tor network and experiencing what brutal pedophiles roam on that network. Undercover as a pedophile Richard Alberto comes in contact with a Flemish middle-aged pedophile. The man who called Marc, sees children as sex toys. He wants sex with young children and she tortured to death follows. Sunday is happy to see that so far will not come.

Shocked reactions
Politics in The Hague shocked. Khadija Arib, Member of Parliament for the Labour Party: “I’ve never heard of the Tor network and the terror of abuse. I will ask Justice Minister Opstelten short shrift here to do. ”

Also parliamentarian Madeleine Toorenburg of the CDA by Stegeman first informed of the Tor network. “We must ensure that the whiz kids we attract to us to ensure that we know how we can learn.”

Parliamentarian Sharon Gesthuizen the SP knows the Tor network is: “I know for some time that the police and Justice run up against a wall. I will therefore ask the Minister of Justice in the House when we can expect a letter in which he indicates what the current situation with the Tor network. ”

The prosecution and the National Police Agency also respond to the revelations of Anonymous and Undercover in the Netherlands .

Pim Takkenberg, High Tech Crime Team Leader of the National Police Agency, recognizes that the abuse of the Tor network is a major problem. He sees the solution in ‘more technical expertise in house’ and calls for “greater international cooperation.

Susanne Terporten, press officer of the Public Prosecutor in Utrecht: “The matter is complicated and we have not yet the perfect solution for.”

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5 Responses to Fake anonymous Alberto Stegeman SBS broadcast. Total fake.

  1. avatar

    We must stop Dutch media broadcasting channel SBS from taking our freedom away.

    I love the tor network, they cannot take it away from us.

    We are anonymous.
    We are legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us.

  2. avatar

    Isn’t it true, anonymous never attack mediawebsite or media at all?…… I don’t even think some promo video will give enough information to create a right opinion.

    but hell, thats just what i think

  3. avatar

    Sigh, some people will resort to anything to push their own agenda. What’s next? Claiming that he spoke to the head of all journalists and that they are against free press?

  4. avatar

    I’ve seen the program, there is actually an interview with some guy claiming to be Anonymous. However, they haven’t said anything bad about Tor. It was mainly about stopping pedophiles in general and not about stopping Tor.

  5. March 3, 2012 at 10:28
    anonymous says:

    Lol-we all know who really runs the child pornography rings-the 0.1 fucking percent. What a cheek. Maybe we need a few hacks to reveal who they really are.

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