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By Anonymous avatar | March 10, 2012 - 17:03 | Posted in AnonyNews | 6 Comments

Commander X flees to Canada

Commander X, was indicted in September on federal charges of conspiracy to cause intentional damage to a protected computer, causing intentional damage to a protected computer, and aiding and abetting. He’s accused of hacking into Santa Cruz County computers in 2010 as retribution for the breakup of a lengthy protest over the city of Santa Cruz’s controversial camping ban.

Doyon did not show up to his federal court hearing in February and a bench warrant has been issued for his arrest, said his attorney, Jay Leiderman. A release sent out last month by an organization called Peoples Liberation Front announced that Doyon had fled to Canada. The organization also called upon the Canadian government not to cooperate with the U.S. in apprehending Doyon or other members of the activist hacker group Anonymous.

Doyon and another man are accused of hacking the Santa Cruz County sites on behalf of Peoples Liberation Front, a Massachusetts-based group that claimed credit for the attack and has been linked to Anonymous.

The county government computer attacks resulted in users not being able to access the county’s website. No information was compromised or disseminated, county authorities said.

In light of Doyon’s disappearance, federal prosecutors will now move to collect the bail money from Santa Cruz attorney Ed Frey. Frey had signed an unsecured bail bond for $35,000 on behalf of Doyon. He could not be reached to comment Friday afternoon.

Leiderman, who was representing Doyon in the federal case, said he still plans to do so if Doyon returns and the case resumes.

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6 Responses to Commander X flees to Canada

  1. March 10, 2012 at 17:36
    Commander X says:

    I will return to my native USA when I get my Pardon and a fucking apology. Until then, FUCK the FBI and the USA!

  2. March 10, 2012 at 17:55
    Anonymous says:

    Peoples Liberation Front Press Release – Commander X Escapes Into Exile

    Saturday – February 11, 2012

    The PLF is delighted to announce that Commander X, aka Christopher Mark Doyon – has fled the jurisdiction of the USA and entered the relative safety of the nation of Canada. Using the underground railroad and network of safe houses created after the launch of Operation Vendetta in January 2011 (following the initial FBI raids on Anonymous USA), Commander X was spirited to the Canadian border – where he hiked through the forest of the north west into Canada.

    The Peoples Liberation Front would like to thank our friends and allies in Anonymous and the Occupy USA movement for their invaluable assistance in creating this dissident escape network, and for the great care they took with the first person to utilize it to seek freedom from the tyranny of the USA. Every person along the way acted with great discretion and professionalism, and treated the “package” with deep honor, respect and concern.

    The PLF calls upon the government of the USA to come to it’s senses and cease the harassment, surveillance – and arrest of not only Anonymous, but ALL activists. We DEMAND that the USA drop all charges against the Anonymous 15 immediately and apologize for harassing these courageous human rights and information activists. We DEMAND that President Obama immediately grant a full executive pardon to Bradley Manning, and order an end to the investigation of Julian Assange. As for Commander X, he will release a communique shortly detailing his own demands of the government of the USA.

    The Peoples Liberation Front calls upon the government of Canada to NOT co-operate with the USA in apprehending Commander X, or any other Anons or PLF Members. The PLF reminds Canada of it’s decades long and noble tradition of harboring American political dissidents during times of great tyranny in the USA. Finally we call upon all Canadian members of the PLF and Anonymous to lend any aid or assistance possible to Commander X.

    SIGNED — PLF Central Command

    • March 11, 2012 at 18:57
      anonymous says:

      welcome Commander X from canadian 2600 everywhere…
      and welcome from canadian anons everywhere…
      also derp derp

    • September 9, 2012 at 19:50
      The other "one" says:

      I would like to inform you that more then just 15 people are being subjected to the harassment, not all of us have gone public…

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