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By Doemela avatar | March 20, 2012 - 01:40 | Posted in AnonyNews | 3 Comments

This is the Anonymous Care Package for Syria

The “#Anonymous Care Package” helped 1000s during #OpEgypt & #OpTunisia, it has now been updated for #OpSyria | AnonymousCarePackageLight-18032012 #Syria

This is the Anonymous Care Page for Syria, v1, 18/03/2012.

We hope this package will help you as we hear it helped many others in
similar situations before. It contains the same files as the original
OpTunisia Care Package. It has the same First Aid guides, some privacy and
anti-censorship tools, and tips on how to be safe online and in real life.

We include Anonymous Security Starter Handbook, but it could use some small
updates. For example, the domain is no longer valid, it’s now instead. Or come see us at irc:// !
This package includes the following:

Artwork folder
Firefox-plugins folder (downloaded from on 18/03/2012)

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3 Responses to This is the Anonymous Care Package for Syria

  1. March 25, 2012 at 09:13
    Line Purple says:

    Need help for Swift!!(History of going to a bit of a mess in the system of inter bank)
    Can you help us?

  2. avatar

    when is v.2 coming?

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