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By avatar Anonymous | January 6, 2012 - 11:31 pm | Posted in AnonyNews

Greetings world,

Anonymous has heard the cry of the downtrodden and freedom seeking people of Nigeria. The recent cutting of the fuel subsidies by the Goodluck regime is the last straw. The fuel subsidies were the last way in which the people could in anyway share in the staggering wealth generated by the Big Oil companies. Nigeria is one of the largest producers of crude oil, and yet the Nigerian people have neither electricity nor affordable fuel – and live in grinding poverty. And so beginning tomorrow the great and noble people of Nigeria will take their place in the Transnational Global Cyber Insurgency and rise up in what many there are calling “Occupy Nigeria”. Their goal is no different than the rest of the Occupy Movement, to remove the regime of greed and restore economic justice to the people.  Read more » 

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