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Tuesday,Nov 12,2019 
By Anonymous | November 12, 2013 - 3:05 am | 2 Comments

List of websites for #OpKillingBay Calling all hactivists! Help us in sending a message to the Japanese Government that killing of dolphins is not right! For more- @diabl0anon @angrynetizen @anonymousopsusa @vin0nymous You Should Have Expected Us, Government Of Japan

Good day free people of the world! Today we present you first leak in a series of Italian Regional Government leaks. While we are not that happy with the politics of many governors, especially when it comes to protecting mafia, corruption and economic downfall, it has come to this – we managed to infect most Read more » 

By Anonymous | November 9, 2013 - 2:59 am | Comments Off on Anonymous OPSafeWinter Engaged.

Greetings Citizens of the world, We are Anonymous. We are saddened that we must announce Operation SafeWinter in this day and age where we have so many and other have none.In this age of consumerism there is very little love or care about each other, we’re here to change that. No longer shall we stand Read more » 

By Anonymous | November 6, 2013 - 11:09 pm | Comments Off on THIS IS OUR INTERNET #NadorKiss

Greetings citizens of the world, and in particular the people and government of Morocco; this is Anonymous. It has come to our attention two Moroccan teenagers were arrested in the north-eastern Moroccan town of Nador on the 3rd of October for violating public decency after posting a photo of themselves exchanging a kiss outside their Read more » 

By Anonymous | November 4, 2013 - 11:58 pm | 8 Comments

Greetings world, WE ARE ANONYMOUS UK. We share the collective idea of ANONYMOUS worldwide; we are the people. We believe in non-violent, peaceful, civil disobedience. Throughout history the world has been controlled by big ideologies such as religion, socialism and capitalism, to name but a few. These are all forms of slavery that have stopped Read more » 

By Anonymous | November 2, 2013 - 11:57 pm | Comments Off on What is

Greetings friends, fellow anons, supporters and all citizens interested by our movement. – freeanons is a channel created in August 2011 to help and support all arrested anons, while other channels were created at the time to rally support for the most well known among them. Our goal was to be a part of their Read more » 

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