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By Anonymous avatar | March 23, 2013 - 03:41 | Posted in AnonyNews | 1 Comment

OP “Iran Menace” UN Tehran and Iran Oil Companies Massive Leak

Greeting’s fellow freedom warrior’s!

As we’ve sailed over the vast and dangerous seas of Middle-East “sharia” countries,
we quite frankly got way disappointed by today’s Amina – Femen lady hunted by the
so called preachers of the mighty A|A – so we decided to start smashing down and leaking
stuff from all the A|A lakes our boat lullzed at lately.
In today’s release we deliver message to Iran, as part of our crusade.
Inside is a stash of a few entities located in Tehran who heavily engaged in all kinds of
funky stuff. You will find confidential dox, reports, projects, blueprints (oil companies)
passports and other IDs of all who engaged in Iranian business including Russians and its
GPAS company. Also theres a great stash of UN dox.

Aban-Sanat- Kara Co – Iranian hydro-mechanical and electrical equipment of dams and water powerhouses
Iran Export Development Bank – well known under sanctions Iranian bank
NISOC – Iranian Oil Company
United Nations office in Tehran – we pwned their intranet and also gained full access
to UN ATLAS system not only in Iran (thats another story)

This is just a start next time we sail to Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Well assembled preview to get an idea

Full archive Part1

And to all governments we say – Power is the Decease – Meet the Cure

We are Anonymous We are Legion
Greetz to: all Anons, Par-Anoia, TPB, Stun, Akira, Doemela and all the LULZ

Stay tuned

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One Response to OP “Iran Menace” UN Tehran and Iran Oil Companies Massive Leak

  1. April 3, 2013 at 03:24
    anonymous says:

    Why is this packed with trojans? Is this really what anonymous is about or did cyerguerilla insert them? either way, it’s lame.

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