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By ro0ted avatar | May 6, 2013 - 02:37 | Posted in /b/ | 1 Comment

#ro0ted How To Crack / Scan RDP And VPS.

Today I will be teaching you??How To Crack / Scan RDP And VPS.

1.??First of all you need my Pack??Click Me??

2.??You will extract it anywhere you want to have it.
3.??You will run the NMAP installer if you dont have NMAP yet.

4.??If you installed it, simple go to the Scanner MAP/Folder where you will find this

5.??Run the Scanner batch (Scanner.bat)
6.??There you will see

Wait about 30 secs and it should start searching for some RDP’s

7.??Let the Scanner run for a while usualy I let it run for 1 Week till I got tons of IP’s

8.??All IP’s were saved in the results.txt

9.??Go back to the main folder and browse the DUBrute Folder and run Dubrute.exe

10.??It will look like this

Click on Generation and add the IPS you searched before by clicking

11.??By Login and Password chose your own or use the default
Logins -> Users.txt
Passwords -> Passwords.txt

12.??Push make and there you will have your Combo list




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    why if I run scanner.bat force closed?

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