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By __L14M__ avatar | June 18, 2013 - 23:25 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | Comments Off on The Present, moving to the Future (SHARE)

The Present, moving to the Future (SHARE)



This is a simple assembly of predictions i have made towards what may very likely happen to our Internet and computers in the near future based on real events. I am sure that you will agree once you have read. Please share this simple, yet vital knowledge with those surrounding you; I am sure they could use some help learning some general things on this subject.


Apple is going to have to catch up; technology is advancing faster than they have been able to move for quite a while now. Apple technology is honestly getting worse and worse; for an upcoming “update” for the Mac’s OS, many rumors are going around related to the fact that they will completely remove ‘Finder’ file manager, making it into a useless tablet software for total newbs, controlled by a mouse, keyboard and voice control.

Similar things are going on with Windows OS; everything is getting unnecessarily graphical and munches on the RAM, GPU’s and CPU’s.

Already people are afraid of CLI’s and OS’s such as Linux; lets wait another 10 years and I will whip out a Free BSD/Linux based computer and everyone will flip screaming “HACKERRR!!!!”, not to mention that this already happens…

This is good and bad for many different people and organisations since computer users are slowly but surely dividing up into two groups; The typical technology no0bs that know jack about computing and the “dangerous” folks such as us; those who know of the art of programming, understanding of computing and networks.

This will gravely change who “owns” and controls the Internet and those who use it. Further on, I presume our systems will be all running off of electronics; This digital revolution has already commenced; stop lights, train systems, airplanes, schools, works, EVERYTHING IS BEING CONTROLLED subconsciously by computers, therefore anything is vulnerable to those who know how to code, etc… It will be in those people’s hands weather they do good things or bad things, but one thing is certain; people like us will run this world.

Everything will be vulnerable to hacking and can definitively be exploited. As always, knowledge is power. Power is neither good or bad, but what people do with it may result differently. A good increasing percentage of people now spend their lives on the internet; after all it is another world…But a world that should be understood…not used without that vital knowledge.

Learn to protect yourselves from the dangers the Internet keeps before it is too late.

Be smart. 🙂

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