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OpPeTA A prelude..
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	           888                            A prelude..

"If you haven't given voluntary human extinction much thought before, the idea of a 
world with no people in it may seem strange. But, if you give it a chance, I think 
you might agree that the extinction of Homo Sapiens would mean survival for millions, 
if not billions, of Earth-dwelling species ... Phasing out the human race will solve 
every problem on earth, social and environmental."
                                                   - Ingrid Newkirk, founder of PeTA

Hello Anonymous, this is a message from some of us to the rest of the hive.

This is a call to arms. 

Once again a shadowy group of zealots who are given to well practiced media manipulation 
and bizarre celebrity endorsements are using legal threats and strong arm tactics in an 
attempt to prevent anonymous criticism of their organisation and activities online.

This time however the group is not Co$, it is none other than PeTA.

Those who have been following along at home will find the name Michael Lee Hertzberg
very familiar, he is currently representing PeTA in their lawsuit against anonymous
Huffington Post commenters who dared to post criticisms of PeTA. Previously however 
Hertzberg was Mary Sue Hubbard's attorney. Yes, Mary Sue Hubbard, L Ron Hubbard's third wife.

Do we need to draw you a diagram? 

This text will outline the reasons behind this Op, and why it needs to succeed in
opposing PeTA's agenda, pastes that follow this one will detail what needs to be done.
The level of participation from the wider hive will obviously affect the scope of

---[ What is PeTA doing to anger Anonymous? ]

On 04/02/2013, the Huffington Post released the following article about PeTA's policy
of "euthanizing" the absolute vast majority of animals that it "rescues":

It details, among other things, the fact that PeTA killed around 96% of the estimated
2,000 animals that came through it's doors in 2011. 

Yes, 96%.

PeTA was unable to sue over the content of the article because the author based his 
claims on documented facts, but instead they wish to target three of the anonymous
commenters who were most vociferously critical of PeTA in the comment sections of the 

PeTA is angry that the commenters compared them to Jack Kevorkian. This is amusing for
a number of reasons, firstly Kevorkian only killed people who consented to die (unlike
PeTA who kill almost every "abandoned" animal that happens to cross their path) and secondly
because PeTA themselves customarily use far more offensive comparisons. Witness an
organization that compares chickens to Holocaust victims feign deep injury at a comparison to
Jack Kevorkian.

Cynical much?

This kind of legal maneuver is typical of corporations and organizations who cannot
accept opposing viewpoints and think freedom of speech and online anonymity are merely
inconveniences to be dealt with by high powered and expensive lawyers and huge piles of cash.

This is unacceptable. The hive must act both to bring publicity to the case of the
critics and also to PeTA's other reprehensible actions. 

It is time PeTA was reminded that Anonymous does not forgive or forget those who oppose 
free speech and will not stand for legal threats against those voicing legitimate criticisms.

"Claws come out as PETA goes after anonymous online commenters for shelter kill claims"

---[ Rule 0: Don't fuck with cats! ]

In the last 11 years, PETA has killed 29,426 dogs, cats, rabbits, and other domestic animals.

This is a documented fact.

PeTA staffers have been observed by law enforcement illegally dumping dead cats and dogs in
supermarket dumpsters:

If 96% of the animals PeTA "rescues" are killed, then where does the money go? 

Advertising and lawsuits maybe?

This Op is not against animal rights, it is against the cynical manipulation of well meaning
people to fund lawsuits and advertising that do nothing but advance the agenda of PETA, not the
animals it claims to want to protect but in fact simply euthanizes.

PeTA, for your attempt to use the law to extinguish the voices of those who voice contrary opinions
you have gotten the attention of the hive, whatever the consequences, you should have expected us.

/\  _  \                                                                       
\ \ \L\ \    ___     ___     ___   __  __    ___ ___     ___   __  __    ____  
 \ \  __ \ /' _ `\  / __`\ /' _ `\/\ \/\ \ /' __` __`\  / __`\/\ \/\ \  /',__\ 
  \ \ \/\ \/\ \/\ \/\ \L\ \/\ \/\ \ \ \_\ \/\ \/\ \/\ \/\ \L\ \ \ \_\ \/\__, `\
   \ \_\ \_\ \_\ \_\ \____/\ \_\ \_\/`____ \ \_\ \_\ \_\ \____/\ \____/\/\____/
    \/_/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/___/  \/_/\/_/`/___/> \/_/\/_/\/_/\/___/  \/___/  \/___/ 
                                       \/__/                    Still delivers

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