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By Doemela avatar | October 5, 2013 - 16:42 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | Comments Off on “THE KISS OF NADOR,” A KISS-IN IN SOLIDARITY ORGANIZED IN PARIS


Sunday, October 6, a kiss-in in solidarity for the two teenagers Nador be held in Paris, in front of the Embassy of Morocco.

The two teenagers Nador which were placed in a juvenile facility after a photo that has circulated on the Internet and where they appeared kissing continues to create a stir on social networks birthplace of a movement solidarity calling for this action. For a simple kiss, these young people have indeed seen their life changed overnight. They are placed for two days by the prosecution in protection centers for minors. In addition, the pursuit of a Third teenager, namely the one who took the photos, has been confirmed. The three juveniles spend in court on October 11. The association in which the scandal came a NGO advocating a … individual freedoms! Namely: the united organization for human rights and individual freedoms which, incidentally, is now back on his complaint and request the release of three young people who, she says, she now will provide support. Its president, Faisal el Marsi, in fact ensures that the goal was not to worry about these young people, but to ensure that the photo does not come from a pedophile network. It seems that the movement of indignation that ignites the Web has made officials think the questioning of these odolescents. An indignation that went far beyond the borders.

Kiss-in in solidarity
This story is reminiscent of the case of the kiss that led to the arrest of a couple in Tunisia and upset in January, civil society organized a kiss-in support for young people sentenced to two month in prison for kissing in the street: “It is with love that we build a healthy and balanced society and it is with prohibitions and taboos that we create hatred and . intolerance Then Saturday, January 12th will be the day of hugs, a day when love is grown, then kiss you all could be read while on the Facebook page dedicated to the event organized by “All for one Tunisia secular. ”

Sunday, October 6, is a Kiss-in in solidarity for the two teenagers from Nador to be held in Paris, in front of the Embassy of Morocco. “The Moroccan police arrested all the thugs, thieves, fraudsters, terrorists in this country, security in Morocco is complete. There remains the danger of two boys who kiss …”, reads on Facebook call this “giant Kiss-in” page.


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