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By Anonymous avatar | October 13, 2013 - 03:24 | Posted in AnonMusica | Comments Off on Justice for Jeremy Hammond

Justice for Jeremy Hammond

Video FreeAnons: Jeremy Hammond ???Freedom??? with Sue Crabtree & Michael Ratner.
The Chant des Partisans (Singing in french by SpencerMartinGauthier): Friend, do you hear the crows??? dark flight over our plains? Friend, do you hear the muffled cries of the country being shackled? Ahoy! Resistants, workers and farmers, the alarm has sounded! […] Friend, if you fall, a friend comes from the shadows in your place […] Sing, companions, in the night, freedom listens to us.

All of Jeremy Hammond???s co-defendants stand to serve far less time than the maximum time mandated by the non-cooperating plea deal Jeremy agreed to. Jeremy stands to serve a maximum of 10 years for committing a so-called crime that exposed the crimes of the very state prosecuting him and benefited the people. As if this were not enough of an injustice, Jeremy has been denied bail, has had his commissary privileges taken away, his phone privileges suspended for 6 months and has been repeatedly held in solidarity confinement. In spite of this, Jeremy has not once exchanged his principles for comforts nor, despite the state???s attempts to create dissent, have we abandoned Jeremy or his cause.

No longer, however, can we deter Jeremy???s sentencing. On November the 15th of 2013, Jeremy Hammond will stand before Judge Loretta Preska in a federal court to accept the consequences for his actions. His actions, contributions to Operation Antisec which he himself did not profit from. His actions, alerting the public to the ugly affairs of America???s private intelligence community and providing proof of their crimes against the American people. Jeremy???s actions, even before his contributions to Operation Antisec, have been selfless and motivated only by his determination to change the world around him and benefit others. Jeremy acted on behalf of us all.

This, our plea for leniency, will for many of us be our last great act on Jeremy???s behalf. We are organizing a Paper Storm to request leniency for Jeremy Hammond. Jeremy faces a maximum of 10 years for the crimes he has admitted to having committed but the minimum is none. None, however, is not an option as Jeremy has already served over a year at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City. After sentencing, Jeremy will likely be relocated to several facilities before being permanently placed; If at all. This, of all the statements we have released, is among the most difficult to write. After all that we have done to support Jeremy Hammond we have nothing left to do but ask for mercy.

None, the minimum time that Jeremy could serve, is too much. Jeremy should not have to stand before a judge and justify his actions. It is we. We, years from now standing before our own children and explaining these transgressions, who should have to justify our inaction. For now, we stand in solidarity with Jeremy Hammond and we ask for your support in requesting leniency.

The time is now to support Jeremy Hammond.
Letters of support can be emailed, in anonymity, to ???, faxed to ???347-402-2014 or mailed to The Law Office of Susan G. Kellman, ???25 Eighth Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11217. No matter how you act, act today because time is running out. All letters must be received by October the 15th. Letters Desperately Needed For Jeremy Hammond???s Sentencing by 10/15.

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