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Recent events Need Quick Action to defend Bitcoin Anonymity efforts (17 Nov 2013)

17 Nov. 2013

Hello, this is @AnonyOdinn – Am not posting to twitter at the moment due to a vow of twitter silence I’ve taken which I’ll maintain until @JoeHosey (who, for protecting his sources, is being persecuted by a judge) has 1000 followers, and I am preparing new blog post for which will mostly deal with open source OS’s (and will discuss why people should consider moving away from twitter) – but, for the time being, if you want to confirm this post is from me, just dm me on twitter at AnonyOdinn and I’ll confirm in fact that I made this post as soon as I get your dm, or if you are on touch / already know my address for conversations via Pidgin OTR or Adium (my address there doesn’t have AnonyOdinn in it) hit me up there when I’m on and I’ll be happy to discuss. ??This post has been made from the anonymous site posting supported by Cyberguerrilla AnoNneXus collective.

Unfortunately (or fortunately)? recent events have compelled me to come out of silence at least to dm folks and make some posts outside of twitter, including this one, which I hope you will support. ??We need to act quickly to defend bitcoin anonymity efforts — this is a situation for which there is little time due to some circumstances that have arised. ??So, we have to act now.

Yes, we know that bitcoin is not anonymous, or put another way, it’s transparent to the extent that if certain efforts floating about in the political sphere will come to pass, then it will be all too easy to use bitcoin against the very people that are adopting it.

The following things need to happen to help defend development efforts of bitcoin that will eventually allow people to excercise anonymity if they so choose:

A) CoinJoin should be implemented in Bitcoin-Qt before any of the (recent) ridiculous blacklist proposals take off.

B)??For next 30 days (beginning on Nov 16), Theymos will match donations to the CoinJoin bounty fund (3M8XGFBKwkf7miBzpkU3x2DoWwAVrD1mhk), up to a max of 5 BTC.

C) At the time of this post on Nov 17 2013, there are??18.82336 BTC in the donation account – people have been donating, it’s up from??16.21420773 of approximately a day ago. ??(This is good, please keep it going.)

D) For background, proof, and discussion of this, see threads on reddit both here and in particular, right here. ??(Note that neither of the links are by @AnonyOdinn – I just recommend you read them for background

E) ??Efforts in bitcoin or other decentralized currencies must give people a choice as to whether they want anonymity or not on a transaction level basis. ??(Such systems just aren’t there yet.) ??For more on this, see such efforts as those being discussed here.

F) ImpOrtAnt: ??The CoinJoin donation address is a P2SH address. ??Armory and Mt Gox, and all bitcoinj-derived wallets, don’t support P2SH addresses yet, so donations must be made from a wallet other than those. Electrum supports P2SH, and so does Bitcoin-QT – It’s my understanding Coinbase does as well. ??You have options.

G)??I am a proponent of Unsystem and Darkwallet and I support decentralization / anonymity efforts to improve bitcoin /othercoin by anonymizing. ??I do not support any efforts to aid the state. ??I feel we need to be given an opportunity to make a choice to leave the systems dominated by the state. ??For many, this choice is nowhere in sight, it is not so simple as just saying “I don’t like what the state is currently doing.” ??It goes far beyond that to a question of whether we accept statist bodies as being a good model for our future, or if we trust ourselves enough to take more of a responsibility for what is happening right now and what the future generations will receive as a result of our efforts. ??Yes,the @AnonyOdinn account has consistently supported the notion of constitutional rights, but ultimately the whole notion of rights and discussions of that must move beyond the idea that rights emanate from the state. ??To the extent that rights even exist, are recognized, exercised, and supported, they come from our actions individually and collectively. ??I do not support political parties or their ideologies, this has nothing to do with libertarian or other party efforts against dominant parties or the US two-party dead bird. ??This has to do with what is right, moving down a path that empowers everyone and hopefully diminishes control of the state over the whole financial apparatus. ??I honestly think that eventually there will be a new system, a new public good that will gradually evolve and morph alongside existing systems (governmental or not) that will result in individuals and associations across the world to be able to literally develop an even greater social good than that which we have been so accustomed to being (beneficiaries?) of that is established through taxation. ??Once a new public good is truly developed, the fact is that what people support financially will be a product generally of the people who use new(er) decentralized virtual currency (and other decentralized) systems. Those people – actually, all of us – must be given the opportunity of choice, to choose whether or not we want to transact ‘anonymously’ or if they wish to disclose identit(ies). ??We are not anywhere near that at the present, there are too many corrupting influences, too many compromises of what we have come to call ‘The Net.’ ??But if we look in a mirror we will see that it is us that supports this system and only us that can make it new. ?? ??My own view, only when people are enabled to entirely circumvent the state via totally decentralized management of worldwide financial systems with the ability to remain anonymous, only at that point will we see a blossoming of opportunity for most people around the world to actually have realistic and viable choices to live beyond and without money.

Removal of state control of the system is the first step – We must make a choice: whether we want to be part of what comes next.

H) What else can you do? If you can, please also support the site maintenance of the????Cyberguerrilla AnoNneXus collective by donating here. ??Please consider using bitcoin to do so.

I) You can also donate directly to DarkWallet by Unsystem, either using bitcoin or other money as you wish. ??They’ve already met and exceeded their fundraising goal, but I suspect more will be needed.

J) Read up on some of the horrible things that the US government / corporation-state is proposing (here, here, and here for example) with respect to bitcoin and other decentralized virtual currencies.

As you can see there are various US Senate Committees including Homeland Security Committee on Nov 18, 2013 and the Senate Banking Committee on Nov 19, 2013 that are both going to ‘take on bitcoin’ and other decentralized virtual currencies. ??Fortunately there is a BitPay representative at one of the hearings (I use BitPay) but I am not holding my breath for any favorable outcome from government / corporation-state – they certainly don’t want us to be able to choose anonymity. ??Please do not directly or indirectly support the US government’s efforts to try to intrude in this area, they will fail, but it is not the right thing to support them. ??If you do anything that involves communication with the government / corporation-state, tell your ‘representatives’ either here??(or in whatever government will respond to you), that government has no business meddling there at all.

Thanks for reading this, and if you can’t donate at this time, please spread the word by sharing this post as that’s a huge help as well.

– @AnonyOdinn (17 Nov. 2013)











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