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By Macbeth avatar | November 22, 2013 - 04:22 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | Comments Off on Why The Philippines Shouldn???t get a Relief Op

Why The Philippines Shouldn???t get a Relief Op

You can ask anyone. They will tell you, Anonymous is a starting line. We begin ops, hoping that it will catch on.
Sometimes, the ops are ???DDoS this website!??? in which case, it is a fairly useless op that will come to an end as quickly as the site will be crushed under the weight and stupidity of many ???Anons??? with nothing to do, DDoSing the shit out of a website for a reason they don???t even understand, yet absolutely MUST comply because it???s an Op, right?
But the meaningful operations are the ones that Anonymous could never just do alone.
Like, #OpSafeWinter for example. An Op that really shows the collective spirit of Anonymous and?? shows that we are all united.
Recently, there has been lot of talk, and a lot of people down on Anonymous because there is no operation going out for the Philippians.
People who think there should be, are either retarded (which I don’t think is the case) or just uneducated.
Allow me to educate you.
Anonymous ops should ALWAYS be the starting point. Ops that are ???ANONS ONLY!! HAHAHA??? never go anywhere, or they go exactly where they were meant to go, and it is a nasty place full of the stench of DDoS and dox.
I was recently in an argument with another person (non-Anon) in an IRC about why Anonymous was not doing an Op for the Philippians.
The answer was simple, but of course to him it wasn???t, so I???ve decided to write about it to inform the world as to why we are not doing anything about this, and hopefully will not be doing anything.
Anonymous (like I have said so many times) should be the starting point, not the end. Should there be an #OpPhilippines or whatever, what would we be doing?
Anonymous is an internet activism organization. The main flaws on running an operation are as follows???
1) Anonymous is made up of people leading protests on governments and the lack of regulation of and internet and such things. So, what would we be?????????? doing to help these people? The person in the IRC said, after being hit with that point, that we could be doing a fund raiser, which brings me to?????? my second point???
2) There are so damn many fund raisers for the Philippians already. Here is a link to an Indiegogo search and a Kickstarter search.
Just look at all the fund raisers that people are running for the country relief. If the world has it under control, what are we needed for?
3) Location. For example, The Million Mask March (MMM) was a matter of location. There was a gathering going on in a certain area, and people choose?????? which specific march to go to based on which was closest. But if there was an #OpPhilippians, then how would people even take part? You would?????????????? need to live in the country to even get in to help, and if you are a resident, then you???re just as screwed as the rest of them and you are the???????????? one that needs the relief.
4) Bringing myself back to #1, I ask what would we even do? We could email the victims some soup, but I don???t think that is happening in this???????????? generation. We could opt for updates on when the next storm will be so we can hack into the storm???s system and reprogram it to go somewhere else.?????? If anyone has a link to a good tutorial on how to hack into a storm, that would be awesome. But I seriously doubt that there is one, so??? Sorry.

I think that about covers it.
Should there be an operation in the future, the world will know why I am not supporting it.
Thoughts can be shared with me via email or twitter: @MacbethIsFree ??

Thank you.

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