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58November … THIS IS THE FBI

My father was the first Captain killed in a US Hijacking due to a botched FBI raid. My mother sued J Edgar Hoover and became the first US Citizen to beat the FBI in civil court. You can verify this by searching the case law Downs vs USA 522 F.d2 990 However the real truth about my father’s death has been hid under seal by the federal court for 40 years. I need your help in exposing this. For Anons go to and you can see a private URL on Imgur so you can read the hidden FBI memos and see the key crime photos. Please keep in mind I am placing this private link for you to realize this is a true story.

FBI Agents around the hijacked plane 58November in Jacksonville.

FBI Agents around the hijacked plane 58November in Jacksonville.

CRIME SCENE PHOTOS: I do not put pictures of my father’s body in the cockpit up lightly. You will also see the FBI Memo on this link that shows how FBI agents used my father;s body as an inventory table to take photographs of items found in the plane. The FBI still won;t release the actual photo, but they forgot to redact the description of it.

FBI MONITORING CALLS: You will also see how the FBI placed my 7 month pregnant mother under surveillance. The hired South Central Bell employees to monitor her calls and her travel to her grandmother’s house from Nashville to Morristown Tennessee. Today this is called the Patriot Act…but then it was completely illegal in addition to being immoral.

FBI LAB REPORTS HIDDEN: I have one of the FBI Lab reports attached in this post-Note the stamp on the bottom right hand of the page. The FBI Lab requested ammo samples from the FBI agents. At no time was any FBI agent required to submit ammo samples the number of shots fired, or where they shot from.hen i start the Kickstarter campaign in a couple of weeks I need you all to help me get the word out.I have spent 6 years on this project trying to get files from the courts, FBI and National archives. I am producing a documentary film called 58November about the whole ordeal and to expose what the FBI has hidden for so many years.

J Edgar Hoover Awards Agents for Bravery: You will also see on the Imgur link where j Edgar Hoover ordered commendations for all the FBI agents involved in the raid on the plane in Jacksonville. I have a copy of Hoover’s handwritten order signed with his iconic “H” and copies of the actual commendations sent to the men who shot up my father’s plane.

FBI Agents Get Awards for Botched Raid

FBI Agents Get Awards for Botched Raid


We need your help and welcome financial contributions to help bring this film to broadcast. Donations made in amounts of $25 and greater will allow your personal name and/or company name to be listed in the movie credits. The final production will reach over 60 million viewers when aired on the PBS affiliate Nashville Public Television (NPT). Donations for the film are made to our fiscal sponsor Big Brothers of West Wilson and are tax deduct able. Thank you for your support.

poweredby-gray 58 November Project Support

The original 58 November Pilot's Ball Cap

The original 58 November
Pilot’s Ball Cap
Shipping in US & Canada

  • Donations by Check:
    Please make your check payable to Big Brothers of West Wilson County.
    To ensure that donations go to the film project, please write ???58 November??? in the memo line along with brief note.
    Send Check to:
    Big Brothers of West Wilson County
    PO Box 1513
    Mt. Juliet, TN 37121
  • Donations Online:

This video contain the ATC tapes of my father pleading with FBI agents to stay away from his plane prior to the raid and his death

I am about to attempt a Kickstarter campaign to try and fund the remaining part of the film. “Investors” love this project but don’t want to be on the bad side of the FBI when this comes out. That is the issue I have had with funding this film…no one wants to irritate the FBI. Well I have to finish this film so the truth can come out.

I am hoping if enough attention is brought to this no one can ignore it any longer. I need your help.

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  2. July 17, 2014 at 01:08
    Rhett E. Column, #SWN says:

    Happy to share your effort. So sorry for your loss. Fear not, as long as there is an ounce of truth and justice to be had in a matter truth and justice always prevail. Keep up the fight, keep us informed. Be well.

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