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I Think I’m Emma Goldman

I Think I’m Emma Goldman is the lead single from my forthcoming release, “No Wising Up, No Settling Down,” which drops May 1st. “Emma” is a collaboration between myself, DJ Pain 1 and anarchist film maker Franklin Lopez. It is an ode to the early 20th century feminist/ anarchist Emma Goldman and is a primer for the practice, history & ideological framework of anarchism. It follows in the tradition of the past 2 videos with similar titles, “I Think I’m Noam Chomsky” and “I Think I’m Ben Bernanke,” but ups the ante in terms of production value & content.

The Nuclear Winter series has shown me how subversive rap can be when its revolutionary potential is harnessed. Instead of stealing music from popular songs I knew I hit up DJ Pain1 to provide something original that would bump in the club, and on the battlefield. Pain 1 is a Madison based producer who’s worked with everyone from Young Jeezy & 50 Cent to Schoolboy Q. Aside from his extensive production resume, he’s a former educator who uses his website to provide educational tools & videos for aspiring producers and DIY artists.

The video was edited by Franklin Lopez; a former Democracy Now producer who’s responsible, and the award winning documentary “END:CIV.” Without a doubt Franklin’s online show, “It’s the End of the World as We know it and I feel Fine,” is a one of a kind work of art combining radical politics, music, humor, and covers the class conflict in a way that no other outlet does. In his own words:

“Being at Democracy Nnow! as a TV producer was one of the best work experiences I’ve ever had. I certainly feel that the work they do is super valuable, but I also think that there needs to be more anarchist media that’s unabashedly radical. I’m interested in promoting anarchist culture without fear, because I see that anarchism makes sense and if people took a second to understand it, they’d know that they are anarchists too. Humans are innately anarchists I believe.”

I Think I’m Emma Goldman is an attempt to explain anarchism. Anarchism is the basic belief that bosses, religions and governments stand in the way of people achieving their true potential. Almost any critique that is leveled against anarchism can easily be inverted against the state; who is responsible for all the violence in the world? Who is responsible for keeping people poor & uneducated? Who is upholding the will of capital over the well being of people? This song talks about how anarchist theory has informed and shaped the movements happening around the world in the past year, from Occupy Wall St. and its offshoots; Strikedebt & Occupy Our Homes, to Food Not Bombs, from the rise of the Black Bloc in Egypt, the daily battles in Greece, to the Tarsands Blockade. History has always proven that the only real change that has happened in this world was because people put their bodies on the line and took Direct Action. I see it as an ideological framework to practice in every day life, the desire to want to help others, and the will to resist.

No Wising Up, No Settling Down drops May 1st on Black Canyon Music and is available exclusively for pre-order at

Directed/Produced By Franklin Lopez for Submedia TV
Photography By Pat Boyle
Lyrics: Sole, Beat: Dj Pain 1

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