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By Anonymous | November 5, 2014 - 15:54 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | Comments Off on #YPG Press Release Nov. 5 #Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ayn) #Resistance | Post is random.

For the Media and Public Opinion People’s Defense Units (YPG) Media Center SEREKANIYE/November 5, 2014 -The campaign launched by our troops on November 3rd in the West of Serekaniye (Ras al-Ayn) is continuing. In these operations our forces have managed to retake 5 large villages and 23 small villages, this rural district located between Rawiya Read more » 

By Anonymous | August 30, 2014 - 19:24 | Posted in /b/ | Comments Off on Hai failTroll, GTFO rent ur own server to troll #Anonymous accounts. Bai Faggut LOLOLOLOLOL

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