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By Doemela avatar | January 5, 2014 - 02:14 | Posted in AnonyNews | 7 Comments

Mayday Chicago May 1st 2014

This Mayday an opportunity exists for East and West coast to come together and rock the capitalist boat and sink that fucker. Each year all across the country and the world our brothers and sisters take to the streets for International Workers Day. In many cities in the US there are small and medium sized protests that have a high energy and high tempo. A variety of tactics makes it a day dreaded by the police. The opportunity to bring the best of the best together in one location to maximize the methods and message of our struggle is a rare occurrence but if it can be seized the possibilities for something amazing to happen are great.

Taking the lessons learned from the noNATO protests in Chicago in May 2012 we can have a devastating effect. At the NATO protests 20,000 people came together in a show of power that made the ruling class tremble. The strategic location of Chicago has been chosen because of it being in the middle of the country. Effectively allowing the best of the East and West coasts to come together and share tactics and ideas, effectively putting the police on the defensive. This was done so effective at NATO that during the anti-cap march around a thousand protesters controlled the streets unable to be stopped. Going wherever we pleased the night was ours. Veteran protesters quickly taught the newcomers how to move effectively as a bloc and how to protect and look out for one another. The mayors house, the hotels the diplomats were staying at, the headquarters of Boeing, none of it was out of our reach. Social media allowed accurate and informative relay of real time information on the ground.

While Anonymous had effectively taken the Chicago PD down online. Shutting down their website and relaying all valuable CPD scanner information. All in All the noNATO protests were a huge victory and an amazing and inspiring example of coordination between protesters from across the country. Online and in the streets everyone was in sync working in unison. Occupy Chicago were amazing hosts and everyone from out of town were incredibly respectful of the city and the people in it. It was truly a beautiful thing to be a part of.

With the lessons learned from the Chicago protests there is another piece of the puzzle that could be the missing link for an effective US protest. Europe puts us to shame when it comes to protesting. Hundreds of thousands take to the streets over there while here a generally apathetic public voices their discontent with the occasional facebook meme. Its time to change this. No matter your location or income there is a way to make it this May.(details to follow) The missing piece was seen this Nov. in over 300 cities across the globe. It was anonymous making a real appearance in the streets. In DC over a thousand took to the streets and from the start of the day a group of largely first time protesters learned very very quickly what it was all about. It was such a beautiful thing to witness everyone as a group loose the training wheels and in record time realize we could go wherever we wanted. Be it taking Monsanto’s US flag down and running it back up the pole upside down or shutting down K street. Everyone masked up and held an amazing autonomous march. The true power of the collective was seen in DC. Also in Denver Million Mask March protesters braved a storm of police brutality to march on and spread the message. In following all the different marches and seeing our brave comrades in the streets it inspired me to think if we could once again bring everyone together for a display of our true power.

Thus the idea of MAYDAY 2014 Chicago. noNATO PT2. Was born. We are calling upon everyone who has been in the streets before or wants to be heard for the first time. To start planning on making your way to Chicago for the 1st of May. There will be no permit nor a request for a permit so don’t ask. We will not beg for the right to speak out from the people oppressing us and people all over the world. This will not be a permitted revolution. If a permit decides if you will be coming or not then stay home. Nothing is ever changed or accomplished from a permitted march. Our permit is the first amendment and our rights as free humans to stand up when we are being held down and systematically looted by a ruling class. I cant let my kids grow up in a destroyed world knowing I did nothing to try and change it. Are we really going to let a small group of greedy fucks really do in the entire planet and do nothing about it? Time is running out its time to stand the fuck up, swallow your fear and resist. Resist God damnit! You have 4 months to figure out a way to Chicago and back. We will have a transport squad set up to try and help people who have not done this before in any way we can. A Mayday fund will be set up to take donations for a convergence/sleeping space and to help as many people as we can with transport and carpooling. Chicago being to far is no excuse. 4 months to take off work and clear your schedule. The time has come to put up or shut up. We have learned so much from occupy and anonymous. We have brothers and sisters who have sacrificed their freedom standing up for what we all know is right. Lets honor them and show up in full force this May unified and ready to change this world. Enough is enough. We have the power if we chose to use it. Wake up. Wise up. Rise up.

In the coming weeks details will emerge on the starting point of the march, transport info/help, donation info and account information. In the meantime take this call to action and spread it far and wide. Contact those in your affinity group and start forming a plan. We have the rare opportunity for things to align and give those fuckers a day they cannot ignore. A message of the true power of the people that we are here we know whats up and we are not going the fuck away. Rain or shine, tear gas or pepper spray we will see you in the streets.

Solidarity and Love, CMAG Chicago Mayday Action Group.

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7 Responses to Mayday Chicago May 1st 2014

  1. April 15, 2014 at 15:11
    Calitalist says:

    Nice you can get all protesty and outraged while daddy and mommy support you. What a bunch of fucking idiots. The hardworking people of Chicago have a special welcome for you if you screw up traffic and annoy us. Shower, shut up and get a job.

  2. April 15, 2014 at 16:07
    NATO LOVER says:

    We need NATO now. Only Commie Red Russkies and Putin hate NATO. If you really want to protest a good cause . Stop all funding to Commie Red Lovin’ UN and non-NATO countries like Israel that will save us a few trillion dollars .

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