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Monday,Dec 9,2019 
By Anonymous avatar | January 10, 2014 - 12:25 | Posted in AnonyNews | Comments Off on LegionOps Official Statement

LegionOps Official Statement

Greetings brothers and sisters, we are legionOps.

For a long time we have been hidden within anonymous watching, monitoring, collecting, analyzing and executing various tasks amongst the collective. We are everyday people like yourself getting amongst the anonymous collective as long as we are here we will support anonymous and fight back against all corrupt organizations and governments that ruled the world.

We are a group with many walks of life from many backgrounds and career fields just like anonymous we have no leaders, no commanders, no ranks we are an idea in itself a simple form anonymous past and present. We would like to announce that we are joining the cause is about operation safewinter, operation Beneful, operation NSA, operation fun kill, operation cambodia freedom and various other operations.

We will not falter we will take action we will give them no warnings it’s too late for a warning it is time to strike back action on all fronts and all countries we are outraged hey how the world is becoming and how it has been spiraling out of control by the much powerful new world order if they want to experience the power we have just wait

We have not even began as we said we have taken action many times and have stood with our anonymous brothers and sisters. 2014 will be the year complete chaos as team will get more heated with the crackdown on internet affairs goes deeper than it ever should have messages to all governments cease your censorship and your evil ways at once. Purina Beneful, recall your food now NSA, disassemble prism now before the rest of the world awake and realizes what you have done. It won’t be long before you are shown for what you truly are which are already growing very quickly there no time for damage control as the damage has already been done. President Obama resign from office you are a puppet for corruption in a fascist ways which are leading to more violence.

we are anonymous
we are legion
we do not forgive
we do not forget
expect us.

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