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By Doemela avatar | February 13, 2014 - 18:27 | Posted in /b/ | 2 Comments

HACKED || || OpIsrael by AnonGhost

opisrael742014^ Trololo owned ^(mirror)

On the 7 April AnonGhost is Going to Launch #OpisraelBirthday same Operation as previous #Opisrael 7 April 2013 The Team is well known for their skills and their Operations suck as : #OpPetrol and #OpUSA and the most one #Opisrael 7 april 2013 On the 7 April 2014 , they are going to attack again Israel and celebrate the attack and they made a video here is the link : and till now they hacked : *1 million facebook accounts of Israel *All Israeli Documents Governments and their emails *7000 Websites Most of AnonGhost Team Members are arabs.
Additional Articles about the Operation :

Join us on April The 7th 2014.

#AnonGhost Team


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2 Responses to HACKED || || OpIsrael by AnonGhost

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    sir i want tot be apart of this community and make the world understand how powerful we r and they can do anything to us…….specially USA allahafis

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    You’re for ISIS that’s stupid.

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