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By Anonymous avatar | March 25, 2014 - 00:36 | Posted in /b/ | 3 Comments

Why does revenge porn site owner @Bullyville speak for #Anonymous?




You can read more about James McGibney running revenge porn sites which post private pictures, names, addresses, work and schools, flat out libel, and people threatening to rape the women listed on his revenge porn sites:

James McGibney was never an Anon and he has never done anything for Anonymous other than his self-serving ops which drive traffic back to his main website. So why has he spoken for all of Anonymous and threatened people with the hive? He’s been riding Anonymous coattails for too long as his own personal army.

Name one Anon or activist McGibney has publicly supported or raised funds for? I’ve only seen him retweet about three tweets from w0rmer’s wife Fatale because she was appearing on his friend’s BTR show. That’s his extent of “supporting” Anonymous.

The Anons around McGibney have pretty much all been doxed while others have been raided. He created KYAnonymous and left him holding the bag. Here is McGibney’s attorney Marc Randazza cheering on KY which later got him raided during the Steubenville op.

McGibney has also spoken out against felons and anyone with a criminal record. How can anyone be in this community and look down on anyone in prison when there are so many around us arrested or in prison now?

You can also read here more about McGibney working with the FBI steering them after his “enemies.”

@Bullyville: FBI Snitch or B*tch?


@Patterico is Los Angeles deputy district attorney John Patrick Frey. He and James McGibney have been friends for many years. One week after Barrett Brown released his chat logs with Frey, he was raided by Dallas FBI. Frey admits working with Dallas FBI. MissAnonNews is a supporter of Barrett Brown and was vocal about Frey & his friends harassing Barrett for years & their possible involvement in his raid.



Also worth reading are:

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McGibney is currently suing everyone on the internet he doesn’t like, was “mean” to him, and others who have nothing to do with any of this but he sued them anyway. I’m not joking. The man who runs a revenge porn site where people libel one another and threaten to rape each other is suing a group of mostly women over TWEETING.

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3 Responses to Why does revenge porn site owner @Bullyville speak for #Anonymous?

  1. avatar

    Truth @BV_Truth
    23rd March 2014 from TwitLonger

    Dear @BullyVille, If you were not a moronic blowhard who employs a heroin addled e-detective like Philip Klein or twitter troll @Captien_0, you would have already been able to find the man you are looking for by now. After all, he voted IN PERSON for the Texas Republican Primary on March 4th, which we discovered from voter registration records from a different county then the one you think he lives in (just like we know you are a registered Republican and your wife is an Independent). Sure he travels to visit his son every few of months, but you could have easily found his TX home if you had tried even the slightest. And if you had looked at his daughter’s REAL Facebook page (which we are sure you have already done), you would have plainly seen that she lives with her daddy while she is going to school in TX. You would have also seen that the two of them frequently travel to S. America & Europe about once a month as he supports her jehovah’s witness religious activities (since she likes to posts pics on FB of all her travels with location/date stamps, we know this to be true).

    So the only conclusion we have come to is that your LOLsuit is a bunch of crap and that you really are not trying to get anyone served as you don’t want anyone to show up in court to challenge your frivolous allegations. If not, you could have found your Number One enemy at his home in TX and gotten him served.

  2. September 28, 2015 at 21:32
    Marcie S. Wogan says:

    One of McGibney’s army of harassers & bullies has snuck an attack on me as a pingback because I have made the same points this post does many times before. Anonymous never supported #OpKate Hate. Anonymous never issued sais #OpKateHate

    Please remove this posted by 1 of his diehard supporters:

    Pingback: Marcie Wogan: Crazy stalker from Lutherville-Timonium Maryland libels more innocent people on Twitter » 9RIEST

    • September 28, 2015 at 21:36
      McGibney Lies says:

      Please do not publish the request for the removal of the pingback. That would defeat the purpose of my request!!!

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