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Monday,Nov 18,2019 
By Anonymous avatar | April 19, 2014 - 16:16 | Posted in AnonyNews | Comments Off on Washington seeks compromising information on European businesses

Washington seeks compromising information on European businesses

We are Anonymous. We are Germans. We never Forgive. We never Forget.

American government believes its people are exceptional, as Obama does not shun to tell aloud.

After Snowden told the truth, the European Union’s leaders have understood, that friendship with Obama means only constant control and endless wiretapping.

Political and business elites of Germany, France, Finland and the rest of Europe want to decide for themselves, but the US cannot afford to loose control. Principally the US has annexed the whole world through their spying (Assange, April 2014).

American intelligence has been effective, usually, but there are guys such as Manning and Snowden, who share our values, and there are those who don’t give a fuck so much that they store secret documents on their personal laptops 🙂

Thanks to them we got US’s top secret diplomatic documents.

Periodically we will publish these documents. Today we bring you one of the most interesting.



As you see the US continues its intervention politics to the European affairs. They seek compromising information on European businesses. Once Obama has control over our business, he will be able to push forward his own interests at the European Union economy’s expense.

Enough of those fuckers!


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