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Thursday,Nov 21,2019 
By Anonymous avatar | May 16, 2014 - 15:43 | Posted in AnonMusica | Comments Off on Fuck Alex Jones

Fuck Alex Jones

I know it seems like an absurd waste of time to make a diss song/battle rap about Alex Jones, and it kind of is. Unfortunately he creep of his influence seems to be almost everywhere I look. Whether I’m at an organizing meeting, a party or a show there is always some well meaning, but misguided soul who wants to tell me “the truth” about how everyone needs to “wake up” about non issues like Chemtrails & Flouride. Infowars is spoon-feeding uninformed people to believe that climate change doesn’t exist, that we need to dismantle social services, that we should dismiss the liberation movements of women & queer folk and so many other bullshit conspiracies seem to only serve the interests of the religious far right.

This worldview hugely problematic because it delivers catch-all answers to complex problems, and blames the wrong people for the situation we face. The ideology of “New World Order” conspiracies doesn’t empower people, it tells them that their enemies are so powerful that there is nothing ordinary people can do to stop them, and this simply isn’t true. The answers aren’t on youtube documentaries about Bilderberg lizard people and 9-11, they are in the streets.
~Sole & DJ Pain1

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