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OpHackingCup – Anonymous


:00 – The Motivation_
:00:00 ::

Hello, citizens of the world; we are Anonymous.

As time for World Cup approaches, we have witnessed a crescent frequency of hacking attacks for the Anonymous ideal. Only for the last week there were two invasions with big repercussion on the media, one that was the leaking of Itamaraty Palace documents – central to the Ministry of External Relations. Among these papers, the most are considerate sigilous.

We’d like to clarify for what reasons cyberactivists act in these ways.

How many billions of dollars from public funds were spent to build and reform the stadiums that will host the Cup, aside other builds that will bring very little or no legacy to the population. What does justify, for example, to build a new stadium at Manaus city, at state of Amazonas? In which ways were executed the fiscalization of how the public money is being used on these builds, principally the ones that need to be finished in matter of urgency due to delays – many times resulted by increase of costs (it’s estimated that the cost of the stadiums have increased 163% compared to the initial prevision). It is valid to remember that the promess included the private initiative would take the outgoing of building the stadiums.

We can’t accept pacifically any more the violations on people’s basic rights practised because of this event. For preparation we can understand: 1. hygienization and elitization of the cities, denominated to it for, above all, the property speculation and for the violence against the local population on scale of streets occupying the big centers;
2. unjustifiable outlay to intensify the security (and the repression) against the manifestations that may happen during the games, allied to draft laws which marginalize and criminalize the manifestants;
3. to guarantee that no one – except for the locals and people with tickets – approach the stadiums on game days, aside the non-authorized vendors won’t be allowed to open certain hours before and after the games, even that for this the freedom of come and go be limited, forbidding things like visits to the local people, among other situations.

The on-line actions, just as the protests on the streets, are part of a resistance against this model that has become so evident to ordain and dis ordain of this mega corporation which is FIFA on this country, against the influence of economic power on political decisions and against polarization of the profit counterpointing the basic right of a whole population, and, therefore, are legitimate.
“There is no fairness on following unfair laws”, said Aaron Swarz, infamous programmer and fighter for a free internet.

About the cybernetic security on Brazil:
Right after the leaks Edward Snowden revealed – National Security Agency (N.S.A.) ex-functionary, – department which would be monitoring the Brazilian government, which got to a Inquiry Parliamentary Commission (aka C.P.I.) to be opened to investigate the case, which is already closed, with the most obvious conclusion: there is vulnerability in the whole cybernetic governmental system, clearly for lack of investment. The C.D. Cyber (Center of Army’s Cybernetic Defense), responsible for Brazilian cybernetic security have had their amount cut for years: about forty nine and half millions of dollars in the year of twenty-twelve, forty millions last year and thirty-one millions in this very year, even after Snowden’s leaks.

The eyes of the world will be turned to Brazil: we will show to everyone how fake is and always was this Brazilian government and FIFA.

:01 – The Communication_
:01.00 :: Twitter Account @AnonBRNews

:02 – The Targets_
:02:00 :: The Tweets indicating the targets will start at 2014-06-11T14:00:00Z;

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us

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