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Write Letters to Support Lorax

Video Tribute to Lorax “This is Radio Freedom”.
AnonOps Radio. Now! you can broadcast your ideas on truth and freedom.

Write Letters to Support Lorax – The radio show host for Lorax Live.

As an advocate for open media, Lorax held a weekly radio show to report on stories that were not covered by the main stream media. He has interviewed many guests, famous and obscure, bringing their messages to the masses. However, he was arrested for alleged defacement of Australian government websites. As a condition for bail, he is not allowed to have access to computer equipment. Please let him know you appreciate his work by writing to him.

Write your letter

When writing your letter, consider:

Your experiences with the Lorax Live show, especially your favorite moments/guests.
Your interactions with Lorax and how he has influenced you.
The ways which you see Lorax as a positive force in this world.

Letters will be reviewed before sending. If your letter is really awesome, we may post all or part of it for public viewing to support the cause. Thanks for writing!

  • We are the Lorax,
  • We speak truth to power,
  • We fight for a more just world,
  • We are the peaceful future,
  • Expect us. #FreeLorax

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One Response to Write Letters to Support Lorax

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    i can’t get to the write a letter page… so here it is… the cage is a double degrader…
    good morningLoraxx. this is my second e to you. first one I forget if I put in an email addy so don’t know if it made it to you. I wasn’t sure who I was writing to so started with who it may concern and basically wrote a reference for purpose of release. Incarceration is but an attempt to break down a potential peoples army obvious to me by the locking up of non-criminal people. Resisting, opposing law is not criminal as we know, but happens as it is an avenue for tptb for a control engineered and pioneered created supported by contract and law, and unfortunately ignorance, of a people.
    This time I will add support and my understanding of the desensitization you will face, what it is to be under an obvious surveillance by a semi educated people medicated to get thru the day to control the pressurized locks and delivery of toxic foods and fake programs to satisfy contracts, that keep all ready ill people as sick as they can. How does anyone survive? follow is some favorites from Another Road Side Attraction, tom robbins.
    “As unrefined and basic as an animal’s emotional equipment may be, it s not insensitive to freedom.
    Somewhere in the archives of crudest instinct is recorded the truth that it is better to be endangered and free than captive and comfortable.”
    Whether meaningful or meaningless, the game of life is there to be played – and the animal in his animal way sees to “know” it and the cage is an offense to what his inner animal voice tells him is right and true.
    When a man confines an animal in a cage, he assumes ownership of that animal. But an animal is an individual; it cannot be owned. When a man tries to own an individual whether that individual be another man, an animal or even a tree, he suffers the psychic consequences of an unnatural act.
    A creature, human or otherwise, that has had its freedom compromised has been degraded. In a subconscious reaction that combines guilt, fear, and contempt, the keepers of the caged – even the observers of the caged are degraded themselves. The cage is a double degrader.
    Any bar, whether concrete or intangible, that stands between a living thing and its liberty is communicable perversity, dangerous to the sanity of everyone concerned.”

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