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By Doemela avatar | July 1, 2014 - 19:56 | Posted in AnonMusica | Comments Off on Atari Teenage Riot “Kids Are United” support FreeAnons.

Atari Teenage Riot “Kids Are United” support FreeAnons.

Video FreeAnons Music “Kids Are United”.
The title track is based upon the Sham 69 song “If the Kids Are United”

Atari Teenage Riot support FreeAnons.

Atari Teenage Riot tricks Sony into supporting Anonymous legal defense fund. The frontman for digital punk band Atari Teenage Riot revealed in a lengthy interview published by Wired that he tricked electronics giant Sony into supporting a legal defense fund set up for hackers with the very same “Anonymous” movement blamed for taking down Sony’s own PlayStation Network. “Black Flags” is a low slung, subwoofer punching, anthem announcing Atari Teenage Riot’s support of Anonymous’ grassroots human rights campaign.

Alec Empire, the band’s lead singer, is very much a political junkie, a fascination evident in his song “Black Flags,” which he dedicated to Bradley Manning and the hackers in “Anonymous.” He added that all the money went to The Anonymous Solidarity Network, dedicated to supporting hacktivists’ legal defenses.

  • By Stephen C. Webster. Tuesday, July 10, 2012.

One day, Everyone will be Anonymous.
Freeanons is constantly amazed at the generosity that is displayed toward us by donations, goodwill, and resources like Anonops IRC, @AnonymousVideo and MyAnonstore. The support from Atari Teenage Riot & Alec Empire, YTCracker, Shower With Goats, Vigilante, among other artists, has been invaluable. It has been two years since Freeanons’ inception. Thanks to all who have come forward, sometimes at great risk to themselves. Let’s do our best to provide support one more time for these people newly charged.

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