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Monday,Nov 18,2019 
By Burt Hurt avatar | July 15, 2014 - 17:00 | Posted in ButtHurt | Comments Off on A #CgAn BUTTHURT ASSESSMENT for Mike

[a professional legislation by Dr. Topiary; butthurt analysis expert and part-time nigger]

What emotions were running through your head upon butthurt?
A sense of being abandoned by the almighty
What initially caused you to start acting like such a faggot?
I stubbed the little toe on my right foot against my dining room table.
Explain briefly what should happen next in order to quell the butthurt:
___________I should be given two live chickens_________ ____think it would be nice to have fresh eggs every now and then________________ ____________________I think chickens look like really pleasant, domestic companions. As well as their male counterparts, known as cockerels and , also cocks.

=[]= This ASSESSMENT is run by CyberGuerrillA, your friendly Anonymous Autonomous BUTTHURT Komintern since 2010. =[]=
Hail our Supreme, Glorius Leader Chairman Meow he was right as always! ..::: (All standup & applause …) :::..

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