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By Doemela avatar | July 26, 2014 - 00:16 | Posted in AnonyNews | 3 Comments

Anonymous Tayyeb Shehadah RIP

Tayyeb Shehadah wasn’t only wearing a mask, he was Legion. 1 of us. Today Israel murdered a Anonymous.

To them We shall join their struggle: nor shall We deprive them of the fruit of anything of their works, lower your weapons humbly for them, with mercy, peace and blessings be upon them who seek love.

I got some tragic news today/
Real manhood has died, they say/
But you can wipe your tears away/
A Revolution is formed another will be born/
I got some tragic news today/
Real manhood has died, they say/
But you can wipe your tears away/
A new one is born so bring in the song/

Verse 1
I am changed escaping my old ways/
Harriet Tubman on that underground train/
Too many men see the grave misinterpreting brave/
I could loose those chains if they knew they were slaves/
I thought a man was a pimp at a young age/
Now I try to honor women when the pen hits the page//
Its still hip-hop brother minus all the thuggin/
A poet and priest then put it in a husband/
Not boasting I’m far from perfect/
I’m just saying give the title to some cats who deserve it/
I know some men earned it/
Some strong role models who knows GOD’s purpose/
I know one song can’t change the world/
But maybe cuz next door might stop slapping his girl/
And maybe we can get a couple bro’s out trap/
I just wanna change my block we’ll see what happens after that/

Verse 2
My cuzzo like I can make that dollar pretty quick/
Illegal stuff, I tell him he should work for it/
He looked me up down and stuck his mouth to the side/
Like c’mon you know you done I lost my mind/
He wants High Living but was forced in the basement/
Lets face it this is what racism has created/
I told my dog you’ll never catch the car don’t chase it/
So many kill themselves in world trying to make it/
Your appetite will eat you when you get a chance taste it/
Their cups look full, but their life our Wasted/
A fully furnished house but your soul feels vacant/
get something new but feel a must to replace it/
yeah, this is man’s ordeal/
Decorate his frame to make himself feel real/
Or rob, steal, kill/
Any emotion is good as long as I feel/
No sir that’s aint what manhood is/
Life without morals and fruitless end/
I took him under my wing now the journey begin/
Hopefully another man can be born again/

This cat asking me how many shawties I tap/
I know you get a lot of play even in gospel rap/
I wasn’t too shocked if my discernments was right/
He type that hasn’t seen a brother honor his wife/
So instead of calling him stupid and causing a fight/
Just explained to this brother things I value in life/
He confused cuz he said you don’t look like the type/
That really lives all the stuff that you say on the mic /
He’s doubting my words like he needs some proof/
Plus he struggles with the idea of absolute truth/
He won’t practice those things which he don’t esteem/
If he hates absolute truth then he’s the Supreme being/
Then he has no standards, then he has no answers/
So his contributions in life is just prostate cancer/
I try to answer every question that he throws my way/
Hopefully another real man will be born today/

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3 Responses to Anonymous Tayyeb Shehadah RIP

  1. July 26, 2014 at 01:39
    Anonymous says:

    “Hopefully another real man will be born today.”

  2. July 28, 2014 at 04:36
    marypgkeating says:

    I sent him a prayer today, and i sent light to his spirit,
    Thanks for all you are doing in Gaza Anonymous.
    Right now, you are the only light in a very dark tunnel. Namaste.

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