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Saturday,Jan 18,2020 
By Anonymous avatar | November 24, 2014 - 23:58 | Posted in AnonyNews | 1 Comment

Cease fire on Operation KKK

Greetings Citizens of the world, we are Anonymous.

Many of you are already aware that anonymous has declared war on TAK KKK and other KKK organizations due to threats of violence in Ferguson by Grand Wizard Frank Ancona. We will not stand by and let peaceful protesters be threatened by the likes of the KKK. In response to this threat we have exposed many of the TAK KKK members, taken down their websites, and seized control of their twitter accounts. Our message has been heard.

Our goal is to protect the protesters of Ferguson, and our fellow Anonymous from possible harm. Through our efforts Frank has agreed to step back, and let the protests continue unabated. He has given his word, and in response we have given ours.

Anonymous will ceasefire on TAK KKK and Frank’s associates provided he stays true to his word. We are always watching, and should the need arise, we are prepared to unleash the nukes.

We are anonymous
we do not forgive,
we do not forget
Frank and TAK KKK if you do not hold up your end of the agreement, Expect us… Again.

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One Response to Cease fire on Operation KKK

  1. November 30, 2014 at 00:09
    legiones cristiano says:

    dear *****brothers*****$$$$$ my salutes for all …for your Works$$$$$ my salutes ….my solidarty *****

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